The UK's no.1 NFL fan forum and home to the legendary O.O.H Madden leagues.

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We run leagues 5 Leagues on Xbox , and have a huge European madden community.

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NFL fans show there passion with Podcasts, Articles, Fantasy football debates and more.

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All about O.O.H

OOH Background

Early in the 2008 season, a small group had some lively debates on the BBC 606 site during gamedays on Sundays. It was enjoyable that we all had found a place where we could chat over the night’s game’s as they happened with like-minded fans.


As the season continued, we found the site growing. It seemed to have more options than 606, in the respect that we could discuss other topics, we were free from the overbearing moderation on the beeb, and there was no three minute post delay. And so the Out Of Hours forums were born.

From small acorns grow mighty oaks which is where the OOH forums are today a hive of activity during football season for all your NFL needs.


Leagues began around 2009 and have grown steadily over the years until Madden 16 where we had 32 owners for the first time. Now we run 2 Leagues and are always looking for new ways to play the game we love.

Our Ethos

We try to operate a SIM style league without going overboard, we like to be as sensible as possible when it comes to in game stats & scorelines. Fairplay and Good Sportsmanship is encouraged at all times. We have a robust set of rules but we hope it helps to provide a level playing field and make it fun for everybody regardless of ability. Our motto is, Nolite Irrumatus

  • Thats what our members say :)

  • We dont just play madden, Fifa, Rocket League, PES, CIV as well as a big NFL fantasy football and debate base

  • 9 Years Young, We used to run this using pen and Paper

  • August to August virtual football, The perfect way to fill up that long Offseason


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