What if players were Songs???

We’ve all sat there and thought if this guy was a song what would he be right?  Well think no further as I bring you the definitive 32 songs to the OOH league complete with hot links!!


JR Oasis, cigarrettes and alcohol

Ryan Blazing Squad, crossroads

CB Tina Turner, simply the best

Ritchie 2 chains, I luv dem strippers

Rob – Stone Roses, I wanna be adored

James – Sultans of ping, wheres my jumper

Michael  the who, who are you

SC  R Kelly Worlds Greatest

Andre  Terrorvision, tequila

Ben – Gary Glitter,  Leader of the gang

BS – Talking heads psycho killer

VFJ – tecehnotronic, pump up the jam

Alistair The Menzingers, The Obituaries

Jerry I wanna be like you Rob

Aaron Elo, Mr Blue sky

Paul – Blackout, crew put a donk on it

Tom V – Sinead o Connor, nothing compares to you

Rory –My chemical romance, Teenagers

Al – Blue Monday, hate me

Craig – ZZ top, Sharp dressed man

Big D  Beck, Loser

Mr X DMX, X gon give it ya

Prime  Primus, Wynona’s big brown beaver

Jimmy – Duran Duran, hungry like the wolves

Moose – Michal Jackson, Smooth (faced) criminal

Griff – Eric Idle, always look on the bright side of life

Oli  Smithers song

Wayne – Queen, Bohemian rhapsody

Kadeem – Outkast, Hey Ya

TO Carly Simon, you’re so vain

Glyn Jay Z, 99 problems

DJ Clive Dunn, grandad we love you



Much Love Big Dogg Daly