Week one round up

So thats one week in the bag already and its been quite a week.  We’ve had a new player come and go, we’ve had 4th down shenanigans, theres been trades a plenty and of course injuries.  Injuries have been a little more frequent this year so I asked around and see what a few people had to say about it.

Griff, 4 injuries: Yeh abit shit, all starters, QB1 out first drive for 8 weeks was a killer.

JR, 3 D-line:Disappointed to lose 3 starters but injuries are part of the game

Al, 4 injuries: Injuries happen. I’m confident we have enough depth in the roster to cope. The Wamapoke people are doing some healing dance thing everyday so I hope that helps.

Tommy V, 3 injuries: Unfortunately we are struggling for depth at WR but guys like Carlos Henderson and Juju Smith-Schuster have stepped in to fill the void.

I also caught up with some of the division leaders to see what the secret of their success is

Al: We are doing well but there’s a lot of room for improvement. I don’t feel as if our receivers have hit top gear yet. Gavin Escobar and Spencer Ware have been really good with teams focusing on the others.

Rory: Yes we want to stay being a dominant defence to give our team the opportunity to win , and also to help out our offence, Because after all ‘defence wins championships’

SC : We have started well on defensively and whilst we haven’t set the scoreboard on fire offensively we only have 1 turnover on Offence so thats allowed to keep games close.

Paul: It’s early days and we are not the finished article. The main target is to win the division and then see where we can go from there

I also grabbed a few words with those less fortunate souls who occupy the bottom of the standings

Glynn: We’re abit behind the 8 ball, lots of new faces and they’ve still not had the necessary time together on the practice field. Once the actual disk turns up we lose that excuse and I’ll think of a new one

Big D: So much of all that talk pre season about winning my division, I cant even win a game, 

So to summarise injuries happen, defence is important and the shit players didn’t all get back to me


Much love xx