Week 1 Recap / Week 2 Blog

After the long wait for the beginning of the new season that’s week 1 chalked up and behind up. There have been some great games this week and some big upsets. A quiet week on the trade market with teams seemingly happy with their week 1 rosters however a spate of injuries in opening week could lead to a couple of teams dipping their toes into the trade market.

I’m sure the commishes won’t thank me for mentioning this but It did give me great amusement so, :mooseshrug: !!  We can’t discuss week 1 without mentioning the cluster fuck in Ooh that was TC. Not TO, but TC. What a monumental fucktard he is/was and must surely go down in Ooh history as being one of the quickest departures (Well done DJ for getting it spot on) and also biggest nob heads, although I’m sure there will be a few names being banded around for that award. If for some reason you’re looking in TC, then FUCK YOU, oh and Fuck Clemson

Anyway back to Ooh, as predicted in last week’s blog, a big win for Andre. Unfortunately I forgot to change my bloody prediction so cheers Oli.

In the game of the week, Moose upset the odds and overcame one of our best players to get off to a week 1 winning start against CB and his Lions. An impressive win for our head commish considering he didn’t have DJ for most of the game. Carson Palmer also put in an impressive performance completing 15 passes for 238 yards and 3Tds against one of the defensive performers in the league.

“It doesn’t matter!! Ill beat whoever I end up in a division with. But if I had to choose, I’d take any of CB, Rob, Al, SC, Moose, JR” – Well that went well. JR won 23-20. There’s always next week pal.

Week 1 Recap

Arizona Cardinals 35 @ 29 Detroit Lions

As previously mentioned a great win for Moose, he should go on and take his division from here. Although it’s a setback for CB, he should still go on and at least make the playoffs

Los Angeles Chargers 37 @ 21 Denver Broncos

Big win for Craig in this one. Newly recruited Winston got off to a great start in LA, same thing cant however be said for Kizer. He needs a good week next week.

Kansas City Chiefs 38 @ 20 New England Patriots

Surprised at this one, expected it to be closer but a good win for Al against a really strong DJ and the pats. Mahomes off to a great start although his 3 speeds recievers (despite speed not mattering) were quiet and it was the TEs who were the difference

Indianapolis Colts 41 @ 24 Los Angeles Rams

Billed as Mexico v Burnley, and the Mexican wins. A solid win here for Andre in a really good offensive performance which even included him not missing a single kick which must be a first. Great win.

Philadelphia Eagles 17 @ 27 Washington Redskins

Solid win for MrX upon his return as he topples a decent Eagles side

Atlanta Falcons 19 @ 21 Chicago Bears

Not a particularly exciting game but the Bears get off to a great start in a really tough division with a win. Not many yards for the rookie Qb in Chicago but 3 Tds and 0 Ints so it’s better than that useless fuckwit Connor Couch in M17

New York Giants @ Dallas Cowboys

Good opening win for Jimmy and a tough game for Big D who lost Dak to an injury. Giraffe is available Big D 😉

Jacksonville Jaguars 12 @ 14 Houston Texans

A good solid cpu win for Ben

New York Jets 7 @ 24 Buffalo Bills

Great win to start Kadeem off in his first full madden with a win over veteran Glyn. Shazier got off to a good start in his Bills Career with an Int.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 21 @ 19 Miami Dolphins

Opening day cpu win for Pauls Buccs, but fingers crossed he’s 1-1 after next week.

Carolina Panthers 20 @ 15 San Francisco 49ers

Solid and expected win for Aaron. Tough task for Griff with this niners team and now even tougher after losing his starting QB

Oakland Raiders 24 @ 14 Tennessee Titans

Great win for young Rory here. He’ll be looking to kick on from here and despite being an outsider for the division, the Honest Jim trades may have to into his price for the AFC west

Baltimore Ravens @ Cincinnati Bengals


New Orleans Saints 20 @ 23 Minnesota Vikings

I believed the hype, but shouldn’t have. JR gets the win much to the amusement of TO

Seattle Seahawks 38 @ 20 Green Bay Packers

Solid start for Wayne in Seattle with an impressive win over Ryan and his Packers. Still to early to tell much about Ryan.

Pittsburgh Steelers 10 @ 24 Cleveland Browns

Garbage time points make this one look closer than it was but a good win for SC. I fear this is the beginning of the end for everyone’s chances and the Scottish champ could take multiple championships in Madden 18. Time will tell. Next weeks matchup will really see where the AFC is at


Player of the Week Recap

Prediction – Offence – Russell Wilson – 340 yards – 3 TDs 1 Rush TD

Defence – Ryan Shazier – 8 Tkl – 2 Ints – 1 TD

Not a bad start. Wilson threw 3 Tds and 279 yards and Shazier got 1 Int however only mustered the 1 Tkl but a decent prediction as my usual ones are the kiss of death for anyone.

Honest Jim

With us moving onto week 2, your traders have been working overtime to make sure that the prices for week 2 are ready to go and here they are;

Week 1
Bengals Michael 1 7 11 2 Ben – cpu Texans
Panthers Aaron 11 8 5 8 Kadeem Bills
Steelers James 13 2 1 9 JR Vikings
Saints Jerry 1 3 12 5 DJ Patriots
Chiefs Troll 1 7 5 1 Prime Eagles
Raiders Rory 8 15 8 5 Glyn Jets
Broncos Tom V 10 11 10 11 Daly Cowboys
Rams Oli 5 4 7 10 MrX Redskins
Buccs Paul 8 11 11 10 Chris Bears
Colts Andre 19 10 4 9 Midget Cardinals
Ravens Rob 1 1 5 6 Sc Browns
Jaguars BS 5 4 7 10 VFJ Titans
Chargers Craig 4 11 9 4 TO Dolphins
Seahawks Wayne 1 4 3 1 Griff Niners
Falcons Alisdair 4 5 21 20 Ryan Packers
Giants Jimmy 18 5 1 5 CB Lions


Last week saw 2 of the 3 Honest Jim specials land in the form of two 3/1 winners. Unfortunately Glyn made a right cunt of the treble but thankfully it’s a new week and Honest Jim have once again come up with weekly boosts.

DJ – Patriots – 7/2

Paul – Buccs – 11/10

Jimmy – Giants – 8/1

Honest Jim Bet Boost Treble – 85/1

Honest Jim Special – Over 9.5 Ints in the Cowboys – Broncos Game – 10/1

NFC South all to win – 9/1 – Boosted to 12/1


Week 2 Preview

Bengals @ Texans

This should be a formality for Michael but as showed last week, the Texans CPU are tough but he should come though this and get his first win on the board. Ben update – Still noncing

Panthers @ Bills

An interesting matchup this one and could go either way. Winner of this one will come from whoever keeps the turnovers down and I think Aaron may sneak it contrary to my prediction.

Steelers @ Vikings

A bastard of a start for James with games against SC and JR in the first two weeks, he’ll have to get the most out of Bell, Brown and the rapist if he stands any hope of beating JR.

Chiefs @ Eagles

Al wins this one, and we could see a break out of John Ross.

Raiders @ Jets

UPSET ALERT!!!! Glyn wins this

Broncos @ Cowboys

Welcome to pick city ladies and gentleman. Boris needs to keep the ball away from Dak and hand it off to Zeke, and he gets the win. Sorry Tom :[

Rams @ Redskins

Tough game for Oli and he’s up against it here if he wants to not fall behind early in the division

Buccs @ Bears

Mon the Bears!!!

Colts @ Cardinals

The master and the apprentice go up against each other here but I think it’s still too early for Andre. The mater wins it, but only just.

Ravens @ Browns

GAME OF THE WEEK! This should be a belter this one, so make sure you tune in for what should be a great matchup. The hotly anticipated Rob v SC

Jags @ Titans

Chargers @ Dolphins

This one either a routine cpu win for Craig or a high scoring affair if TO is back in time. Another potentially great game for later in the game week.

Seahawks @ 49ers

Another tough game for Griff without his starting QB so should be a win for Wayne but a Niners win wouldn’t be a shock

Falcons @ Packers

After a tough loss last week thanks to a missed XP the falcons head to GB for a tough match against Ryan who we still don’t know much about. Falcons bounce back with a win here.

Giants @ Lions

This one should be a win for CB but ive a sneaky feeling that Jimmy could upset the odds and pull off a road win.


Rob – Ravens @ Browns – SC

Player of the Week Prediction

Offence – Matt Ryan – 321 Yards, 4 TDs, 0 Ints

Defence – Stefon Diggs – 4 Ints


Weekly Predictions – Week 2

Chris TO Jimmy Tom V
CIN@HOU Michael Ben Michael Michael
CAR@BUF Kadeem Kadeem Kaddem Kadeem
NO@NE Jerry DJ Jerry Jerry
KC@PHI Troll Troll troll Troll
OAK@NYJ Rory Rory rory Rory
DEN@DAL Tom V Tom daly Tom V
TB@CHI Paul Chris paul Chris
IND@ARI Midget Midget midget Midget
BAL@CLE Sc Rob rob SC
SD@MIA Craig Craig criag Craig
SEA@SF Wayne Wayne wayne Wayne
ATL@GB Alasdair Alisdair alisdair Alasdair

Predictions Totals

1st – Jimmy & Tom V –  11

2nd – TO – 9

3rd – Chris – 8

Thanks for reading folks!!