Top 5 at 5 – Edition 6 – Defensive Ends

Top 5 at 5 – Edition 6 – Defensive Ends

Moving onto the other side of the ball we’re back with Edition 6 – The Quarterbacks worst enemies the Defensive Ends. If you can’t rush the passer in OOH you’re pretty much done for which is why these guys demand mega money! Lets get it started in reverse order…

5. Khalil Mack – Seattle Seahawks –

The first of 2 Seahawks on this list, the 99 Overall Mack strikes fear into any opposing RT this superstar will be great no matter which team he plays in. With 15 Sacks last season, he’s now on the wrong side of 30 can he reproduce similar numbers next year? I wouldn’t bet against it.

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  • 4. Von Miller – Denver Broncos – (Classed as DE for this article)

Despite being 32 this guy can still get low and bend around those tackles, amassing 16 sacks and 4 forced fumbles in a great season for the Broncos, how much longer can he keep producing these numbers?

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  • 3. Myles Garrett – Cleveland Browns –

Why the Browns were looking to trade this guy earlier in the year is beyond me another member of the 99 club this guy is up there with the best of them! After a season marred by injuries he only managed 7 Sacks … however if he was available all year for the Browns you’ve got to say he’s up there with the best!

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  • 2. Frank Clark – Seattle Seahawks –

Not a name you would expect on this list, Clark the 2nd Seahawk in the top 5 is on a measly 2.9m a year contract, however he massively outplays his contract, putting up a total of 19 Sacks last season, Clark and Mack are every Quarterback’s worst nightmare!

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  • 1. Demarcus Lawrence – Dallas Cowboys –

Top of the list again is another Cowboy, but the stats don’t lie he helped lead Dallas to be Sack leaders in the league with 69 (lol) with the next closest being the Steelers with 55. Lawrence is the main reason for this, amassing a league leading and record tying 22.5 sacks for the season including 7 forced fumbles! He really is a scary human being as his photo below shows.

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