Three ways to improve franchise mode

Joint practices
The NFL has joint practices between teams in the pre-season, yet we can’t in Madden. This would be a great addition to franchise mode. Still have the friendlies, but instead of only CPU training, add the ability to play the other people in your league in practice AND friendlies.
If you want to test yourself against the top player, arrange a joint practice or two. See how your team is looking ahead of the new season and whether or not it needs improvement in free agency or if you need to trade for a new QB.
It isn’t much and won’t put franchise back on top of Ultimate Team. But it would be a small, but exciting, addition to the gamemode.
Export Teams
Following on from joint practices, why can’t we export our franchise teams? I can play anyone I want with my MUT so but why can’t I play anyone with my franchise? I want to use my superstar rookies and play them against others around the world.
I understand you can train with your team against the CPU but what is the benefit? In order to better myself as a player, I want to play human opponents. Yeah, you can play head to head with the team you are using and use the same playbooks. But if you have traded for players, wouldn’t it be great to use that team in a competitive match against friends?
My Buffalo Bills team is different to what I started with and testing it out in CPU training is pointless to me. What if the additions I made suit a different playbook?
I don’t really want to mess around with new plays and schemes in game, especially as the season enters the play-off stages and every game is crucial.
There are people in this league who can beat the CPU by 30 points but then struggle against a human opponent the following week. For them, surely the ability to test their new-look team against the rest of us would be more beneficial.
Or am I totally wrong?
Make veteran players useful
Rookies love learning from veteran players. It’s part of the reason teams keep them around. Even if they are not playing, they are passing on what they know to the next generation. This needs to be implemented into Madden.
I’m new to franchise mode but I’ve noticed that unless the older player is a superstar, they are quickly cut or trade so the rookies can get more experience.
I certainly drop older players down the depth chart so the future of the Bills can play today.
It would be great if there was a tutoring option, or the ability to pair your rookie QB to your vet QB and pick up extra XP that way.
Of course there should be a limit to the the amount of XP they gain, or the amount of rookies that can learn from the older players.
There is no real need to give rookies a red shirt year in Madden as they barely gain any XP. For people playing for the long run, I mean 10-15 year careers, this needs to change.
This is why Peterman is playing now instead of Tyrod. I don’t have time to sit him and let Tyrod play for a two years while Peterman learns. He will gain minimum XP, if any, and by time he’s “ready” to play, Madden 19 will be out.