The draft is around the corner and its that time of the year where we can all enjoy peace from the continuous suffering, we have had this past season. And for whatever reason we continue to play *shrug* Unless you are Paul, which well..won the whole thing. Congrats! 

I have never done this and I didn’t scout much so mostly I will base on a quick look trough the squads and the positions I think the team could be drafting and not about what specific player (Also at this time scouting isn’t available so there’s that :D). 
But remember I barely I know what I am doing so my opinion and guesses are mostly *poop emoji*

NEEDS: HB, DL, S, OLB – Overall the team has plenty of positions where one would think Prime might or could go towards to but many of those also have somewhat decent players so it could be in any direction.

DRAFT PICK: Hard to tell, many directions he could withbut I will pick Defense, at least that’s what I would go for. I think depending on what the best player really is a pick at the Safety or DL position could really help. But to narrow it down, lets say DB or DL, based on what the best player out there is.

NEEDS: CB, DL, WR, OL – What could we say about El señor de los Leones. A surprising spot for this team but a welcome one if you didn’t get to play most of your games. They have a few positions where one could go for an immediate upgrade, such an extra OL, but don’t we all?

DRAFT PICK: CB – I think X could go for a DB to get Slay a partner and maybe move some of the long list of players at the DB area around. Maybe replace some of the safeties? I could also see a top WR, the squad has a few decent players but a stud WR?

NEEDS: OL – I am not even sure here as I barely know the owner and I think he was just replaced. The team like all of them, could use upgrade here and there but its decent. Would help if he could replace some of the aging players in D, maybe a OLB or a DE. But I think they really need help with their OL.

DRAFT PICK: OL – Again, could go anywhere but here I where I have seen the most a team could really need upgrades almost everywhere in the line. Sure, a more exciting player in another position is an option but I will go with OL.

NEEDS: To let the Titans win both games next season and WR/TE, DL, LB, CB – A top receiver to play with Hilton wouldn’t be a bad idea. Some help with their DL could also help and some talent at the LB positions isn’t far fetched. The same about their DBs, but what to do, we all get just that one pick :/

DRAFT PICK: WR/TE – The Colts like to play a lot (or used to? No idea) with formations involving their Tight Ends and I feel another elite receiver could help that. Ebron is good and Hilton too, but an extra target could be more than welcome. Otherwise I also see them going with a DB, few names on their roster but lacking a second elite talent in that area.

NEEDS: WR, RE, DB – So far the first team I see without at least one +80 OVR receiver. Yes, they don’t “matter” but do they really a go to target apart from deeps balls to Perriman? Also, they don’t have a RE at the moment, something they could take care of in the FA period? And like many others, help at the back of the Defense could certainly help here too.

DRAFT PICK: CB / WR – If theres a top corner in the draft when their pick is up, I am assuming that is a possibility otherwise it is a good spot to find a WR and this could very well their pick.

NEEDS: LINEBACKERS ASAP, CB – Easier team to tell what they could be doing in the draft so far, why? Well the Titans organization were approached earlier this year regarding LBs and also, because their squad in that area at the moment is pretty much empty. If this hadn’t be the case I could also see them getting a CB, and if this wasn’t needed a partner for Beckham?

DRAFT PICK: OLB – Unless the FA is kind to the Giants and manage to cover the LB area I don’t see why wouldn’t they cover it with their draft pick. There was interest during the season and theres the need of actually having someone to play at the position and no players available.