The Tale of the Week – Originals Season 2 Week 10

Following a couple of weeks of for the hard -working blog writing team here at OOH, were back with a feast for week 10, courtesy of Big D. Enjoy!


So we’re pretty much half way through the season so lets break down the divisions

AFC North

The 6-2 Ravens who sit atop the north suffered their 2nd game in a row and are looking like they  might spiral out of control unless the reigning champs can turn things around in the next game against a spent force Lions team. The 6-1 Browns haven’t played the 3-4 Steelers as of writing so screw those guys.  the 3-5 Bengals have a bye this week but their play off hopes look all but gone,

AFC East 

Things are looking very very tight at the top with the Bills and Patriots both sitting at 6-2 with the Pats riding a 3 game win streak, Dolphins 4-3 not played the 1-6 Jets yet this week so screw those guys too

AFC South 

The current #1 seed 7-2 Jacksonville were on the end of a hefty 17-38 loss to the 6-2 Colts where the Colts managed a measly 94 yards passing the 3-5 Texans had a much needed break where they need to rally the troops and hope to win out for a shot at the wild card. The 1-7 Titans are just looking to play for dignity now and maybe play out of a top 5 pick

AFC Worst

The 7-1 Chargers seem to be having their way with the division as if you add up all the other teams wins Chiefs 2-6, Broncos 3-5 and Raiders 2-6 they would still only be one behind, With the Chargers still to play the Raiders as of writing screw those guys.


NFC North 

The spent force Lions 5-3 seem to be stumbling into first place but with the 4-3 Bears and 4-4 Vikings still to play this week (screw you guys) the Lions aren’t far ahead. the 0-8 Packers are having a bit of a mare this season the new season cannot come soon enough.

NFC East

The 7-1 Giants are balling with a 5 game win streak and undefeated on the road the Giants are looking a lock for the #1 seed.  the 5-3 cowboys are on a 4 game win streak hoping for a run at the wild card or even the division if the Giants slip up, the 4-3 eagles are on a bit of a slide with a 3 game loss streak they need to turn things around or face another year in NYG shadow.  The 1-7 Redskins are now just playing for practice and the hopes of a good draft next could see them turn a corner.

NFC South 

6-3 Atlanta are coming off the back of a two game skid so this bye week couldn’t have come at a better time to regroup, heal up and prep for their next game.  The 5-3 Panthers are making a serious run for the division and can only be licking their lips at the though of TO on a losing run, The Saints thought their season was over with Brees out of town but with Foles leading the line it could be a surprise playoff push. 3-5 Buccs suck.

NFC West 

Take what I said about the Giants being a lock for the #1 seed with the 7-1 49ers scoring points all over his division for fun, 4-4 Seahawks have a points difference of +0 so there is room for improvement on both sides of the ball.  2-6 Rams have been good on the defence but if they want to improve they need to look at adding some offensive weapons in the draft.  The same cannot be said for the 0-8 Cardinals they have a wealth of attacking talent but they are much better than their record suggests, if they can keep most of that offence for next season and a key player with the #1 pick in the draft they could go from bottom to not the bottom next season.

Week 10 games

Jets @ Steelers – Steelers win

Rams @ Giants _ Giants

Eagles @ Redksins – Eagles win

Cardinals @ Cowboys – Cardinals sneak a win

Ravens @ Lions – Lions steal it

Buccs @ Bills – Bills by 7

Chiefs @ Dolphins – Chiefs get the season back on track

Bears @ Packers – Sober Andre with the win, Drunk Andre for the lads

Seahawks @ 49ers – 49ers roll on

Bengals @ Titans – AJ 120 yards and the W

Broncos @ Texans – Broncos stampede

Browns @ Colts – Browns

Chargers @ Patriots – The chair is worth 7 points alone

Panthers @ Saints – Cam Newton runs this tired D ragged


Scrabble player of the week

Eric Fisher with 3 Sacks allowed worth a pitiful 12 points