The Tale of the Week – Originals Season 1 Week 6

We have a guest blogger this week, as the Bengals owner takes over the type-writer

Top 3 games from week 5

Falcons 33 Broncos 35

The Mile High stadium couldn’t have been a more adequate venue for this contest, both QB’s proved that pigs (well pig skins) really can fly. With both teams struggling in the run game it was up to the Quarterbacks to step up. No doubt the Falcons would have been favourites going up against a Broncos D that has given up a lot of points in their first 4 games. Matt Ryan lit up the show throwing for 441 yards & 3 TD’s. On any other nights those numbers would probably be enough to get the win, but the lack of a run game, failure to capitalise on to Anderson fumbles and no pass rush would prove to be costly. Oh how the Falcons owner must be feeling after letting Grady Jarrett (7.5 sacks so far for the Chargers) go for pittance. Enter Paxton Lynch, the Rookie QB stole the show throwing for 399 yards and 4 TD’s, even two interceptions weren’t enough to slow this guy down. With a shootout like this it was always going to take a special performance to win the game, and Virgil Green delivered. Paxton Lynch found Green on 7 occasions and he returned the favour by clocking up 183 yards and 2 TD’s.

Packers 31 Giants 28

Even before Kick Off we knew this was going to be a close contest. Aaron Rogers wasted no time in doing Aaron Rogers things and it quickly became apparent that Green Bay were going to focus on the passing game. The veteran Quarterback showed no signs of slowing down as he threw for over 280 yards and 3 TD’s. As long as he remains healthy you’d have to fancy Green Bay making the playoffs in what could be Rogers final season. The Giants had a different game plan and attacked land and air pretty much equally throughout the game. Darwkwa looked good throughout the game putting up big numbers and aided the cause by rushing for two touchdowns. Manning, not wanting to be outplayed by his counterpart moved the ball well and had 2 TD’s to his name. As always in a tight game one moment can define the outcome. With Eli you know what you’re going to get, big plays, big numbers and a fair amount turnovers and this game was no different. Just as the momentum looked to by with the Giants, Clinton-Dix steps up and picks off Manning. Giants needed this one to keep in touching distance of the Cowboys and they let the game slip away, despite it being so early in the season a wildcard maybe the best they can hope for.

Patriots 23 Browns 27

We’re into week 5 and I don’t know what is more surprising the Browns going 3-2 or the fact that RGIII is still healthy. Despite the public opinion that the Browns Defence will be the laughing stock of the NFL before the season started, no one thinks that now. Paul Kruger leads the pack in the number sacks to date with 8 and Brady was on the receiving end of a couple of those. This was another close match up with a non-existent run game. Crowell had an avg of just 5.1 per carry and Lewis even less with 3.4. The Browns did a good job of rushing the QB (3 sacks) and eliminating the Patriots go to guy Gronk. Despite the close attention Gronk still managed to get 80 yards and 1 TD. It wasn’t enough though. Whilst the Browns defence were able to take away Brady’s main target the same cannot be said for the Patriots. Where the Patriots focused on 1 receiver the Browns shared the love, so much so that the Patriots D couldn’t work out where RGIII was going next. All the Browns contributed and helped get points on the board. With the way Kruger and Mingo cause chaos in the back field don’t be surprised to see the Browns in the playoffs. They’ve already disposed of their divisional rivals, the Ravens, once this year, the Bengals and Steelers need to be on high alert.

Injury round up

The injury bug is causing havoc this year as a number of big names are being ruled out for multiple weeks. We’re still waiting for conformation on the seriousness of a couple but here’s this week’s injury round up. Cue emotional music.

Tyrann Mathieu

Julian Edelman

Vontaze Burfict

Tyler Eifert

Marcus Peters


3 games to watch in Week 6

Rams @ Lions

Ravens @ Giants

Cowboys @ Packers