The Divisions that are still looking for their seasons champion.


Patriots and Bills still chasing the playoff spot. As of now, odds are with the Patriots as they have already gone up one game and the Bills have yet to play the mighty Panthers and some crazy Texans. What does that mean? Well, pretty much winning the division unless Bills Owner, Glyn, pulls off at least one of those legendary performances. You’ll know if this happens if you see a highlight video going around.


Both Broncos and Chargers are still fighting for division, however, it looks like that both teams, as usual will make the playoff if things continue this way. They have already played against each other, with Ws going both ways. Chargers seem to have the upper hand based on their remaining games and Broncos will face Browns, a team which had apparently lost their season but seems to still be alive and with chances when facing Broncos. They are just one game behind and a victory will put their playoff comeback a step closer.


Jaguars and Titans are head to head till the end fighting for that division title. With 2 games left, Titans are one game ahead but Jaguars are the stronger team. Titans are hoping to get another season miracle and secure the division with a victory against the Texans, a team which has made them suffer every game they have played, except the previous one but fans don’t have hopes for a repeat. Jaguars will face a hot team, the 49ers. They are on fire and if they manage to stop that offense they  and win, they will have upper winning the division.


A division of struggles in season 4, no team here has had their best results so far but the division is still open. Both Cowboys and Eagles are head to head and who knows what would happen. The Eagles have a new owner so it isn’t easy to assume what the scores will be but Elite Ben would try to make sure to keep his status in his division.


Cardinals and 49ers, two great teams and both still fighting. 49ers took the lead last night after defeating the Cardinals. The game was to get the upper hand with 2 games left and the high scoring offense in San Francisco continued to do what they have been doing all season. We are not sure whatshappening next as the owner from Cardinals might have left the league. Either way, it seems both teams will be heading to the playoff.


Panthers are the safe bet to win the division since they only need one game to secure and their next opponent are the Bills which haven’t the best performances as of late. They do need to win this game so who knows, maybe they pull off the upset? Buccaneers would certainly need this to happen to have a shot and then face the Panthers directly in week 17.Both teams have a chance to get to the playoff if they continue their good season.