The Big Kickoff


So just like that its time for us to don our virtual pads and helmets and get ready to go at it for virtual honours (and maybe a real one or 2).

It has been quite frankly a mental offseason, this time last year we had 15 players, now, We have 49ish (I think). It has not been easy getting everyone organised and into the leagues but we have got there just about. We have pages on the website giving you all the information you need regarding who is in your league, who is coaching who, what there gamertag is etc etc so dont be a lazy b*****d. Just bookmark the pages and check them when you need to.  Anything new of importance will go into the major announcements groups. Please do not add to this group with anything unless asked to do so. If you continually do this i’ll remove you from the group and if you miss something, well thats tough.

If you are a veteran in the league we cannot molly coddle you and hold your hand for things you have already been doing for a year or more. We won’t spend our time chasing you up for lotto picks or fixture arranging. Pull up your big boy pants and get your shit together.

Big Daly, Chris Hamdy, Steve McQueen , Jonnyboy, Jerry, Rablo, Chris R, Kev, Micheal, Olly O, Chris D, Paul G, Remy, Hammer, Harry and Andre, We are about to head off on a wonderful adventure together, If there is anything at all you are unsure about or want clarification on please just ask, our door is always open and we will be happy to help.

Madden is still encountering some bugs, if something crazy happens during a game that gives you an advantage, do the right thing. Please also ensure Camera toggle is set to ON as there is a known bug that can cause some issues during games in CFM.

Finally a big thanks to everyone who has helped during the offseason, Whether it be Wayne with his sterling work on the Trade Block or just retweeting our messages on twitter its appreciated and its only going to make the league better. EA have delivered a great game again this year so hopefully the league can hold up it’s end.

So, thats it, Time for the talking to stop. Read over the rules,  get your roster ready and let your commissioner know, arrange your games, play hard, play fair, mix it up, dont cheat or cheese or abuse the rules, the league is going to be fun, Enjoy it, and most importantly  Don’t be a dick.