T.J. Butler “not fat enough” joins the Titans

Second official trade of the season in Tennessee, but the latter wasn’t a planned one but an emergency deal. Off-Season signing C. Thompson went down in the victory against Bills (31-7) where the team was forced to allow FB Darby to take the HB1 spot as both the back up and Thompson were unable to return to the game. 

49ers have been looking for a specific type of player in recent weeks, a fat one. Actually, that’s is a false statement. They are actually trying to get a “a fat as fuck running back”. A mold that Butler didn’t fit and its listed as one of the reasons for the team to let him go, and soon after that the Niners were seen making moves to get the spot filled.

Butler is seen as the new main guy for the Titans, at least while Thompson is out for 6 weeks. During an interview he stated that “I am finally looking forward to play some football and stop worrying about my body. It was a sad period of my life. Not having to worry about my weight it is literally a weight off my shoulders.” The Titans are hoping T.J. will help them with their running game, as their start the season 2-0 and top spot of the leagues on specific statistical areas. Howeverthis is not expected to last, as expert sources have the team chances to continue this streak at a very low percentage and many expect to go as low 2-6 with the next following 6 games.

Tune in week 3 to see T.J. Butler in action against the Jacksonville Jaguars.