Slack Channel List

Below is a list of the main channels in our slack community, if there is any you would like to know more about please contact a community admin. Please try to remember

  1. Treat other members with respect.
  2. Post only content relating to the particular channel.
  3. Refrain from posting NSFW content
  4. Refrain from adding repeated posts about the same subject use the thread function to keep discussion going
  5. Respect Moderators decisions

Hub Channels

#OOHLive – All the latest goings on relating to the NFL/CFL/College Ball

#soccerball – The beautiful game, discussed by not so beautiful people

#maddenbantz – General Chat for Madden members

#tvandfilm – The Latest and Greatest in TV and Film Land

#techchannel – Discussion or if you’re after some help advice, technical nirvana awaits you.

#boxing/mma – Whether you are a fan of the Queensberry rules or UFC madness this is a great place to discuss it

#muzak – Listened to some fresh beats lately, or just want to lament how old you are when you realise a song has been out for 20 years

#F1 – Broom broom its all about the cars

#gamingnews – Discuss the latest news and goings on in nerd world. Xbox, PS, PC and Even Switch

#generalnonsense – General discussion for all (this is a public channel so can be joined at anytime)

Game channels

Pro Evolution Soccer – The home of the worlds greatest simulation soccer. Be sure to check out as well.

Rocket League – Flying cars and Flying Balls, Whats not to love

First Person Shooters – COD , Battlefield and any other games you can shoot big guns on.

Civilization – Take over the world without leaving your house

Fifa – Its not PES but its alright, home of the OOH pro clubs squad

Golf – Good way to spoil a walk but find the OOH golf community here

Football Manager – How else are you going to get Nottingham Forest to conquer Europe ?

Current admins– Contact them for any issues or ideas you may have.

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Scottish Champ


Jaden/Kadeem/Bullet Club K