Season 4 Playoffs

The season 4 playoffs here but only 1 team can take home that virtual Lombardi, who will be 1 and done, who will implode, and who will take home the silverware. Lets have a look at the runners and riders


Lowdown The all conquering bears went 16-0 in the regular season off the back of an extremely stout defence and an explosive offence. This head coach has been to the playoffs many times but has never cleared the final hurdle but beat the niners in the regular season. Is this there year?

Most likely to lose to: The AFC champion

Last game: The Super Bowl

Lowdown Been there, done it, bought the T-Shirt, just as likely to be 1 and done as to win the whole thing. A ridiculous defence and great run game propelled them to the post season and theres no reason they can’t win the damn thing.

Most likely to lose to: Themselves/Snow games/Rams/Bears

Last game: NFC Conference game

Lowdown Emerging from an extremely tough division to claim a wild-card rams owner MB is a no longer the new guy but a wily veteran, Has what it takes to beat anyone on his day can he take Cam to the promised land ?

Most likely to lose to: Niners (But just as likely to beat them)

Last game: Divisional Round

Lowdown Don’t deserve to be here. The previous owner had the team in a great position before slipping out the exit. 1 and done wouldn’t be a shock here but with the plays capable of springing a shock.

Most likely to lose to: Niners, badly

Last game: Divisional round


Last game: 1 and done

Lowdown The 3rd team to make it out of the NFC West, Time will tell if they are the weakest of the 3. The Polar opposite of there real-life counterparts. Terrible defence propped up by a potent offence.

Most likely to lose to: The Panthers

Last game: 1 and done

Lowdown Sneaking in at the last possible second just to mess with the Author the Giants will have there work cut out to repeat the owners Madden 15 success. That doesn’t mean they can’t though!

Most likely to lose to: The Bears

Last game: 1 and Done


Lowdown A cake walk to the playoffs for the surfer boys and defending champs. They have shown a few chinks in there armour this season . But with Melvin Gordon destroying everything in sight they have all the tools to be the first team this year to repeat.

Most likely to lose to: Ravens. Lols just Kidding NFC Champions

Last game: The Super Bowl

Lowdown If they were chocolate they would eat themselves, used to be good but now a one trick pony, Still a potential champion.

Most likely to lose to: Chargers

Last game: Conference game

Lowdown A rare post season jaunt for the boys from the rubbish side of the Niagara falls. Capitalising on the Fins poor start to the season and an easy schedule they won the division with games to spare, an explosive run game and strong defence has paved the way for there shot at the title.

Most likely to lose to: Jags

Last game: One and Done

Lowdown Cheated there way to the post season Beneficiarys of a fortunate sim win the Titans could be a dangerous team to come up against, Derrick Henry is a monster in the back field and a star studded defence could make them hard to beat.

Most likely to lose to: Chargers

Last game: Divisional round

Lowdown Another team that don’t deserve to be here. Good work done by the previous owner has the team ready to win now. They won’t and will be traded away for a fat Eddie lacy like RB and left wondering what might have been.

Most likely to lose to: Ravens

Last game: Divisional round

Lowdown Still trying to work out how this happened?  The chiefs in the post season and we aren’t in season 1. Can’t defend if there Grans life depended on it but can put up some big points to keep on there opponents tails.

Most likely to lose to:  Titans

Last game: One and Done

Who wins it all ? ….. Chargers beat the Bears in OT