Season 3, Week 1 Review

 So there it is week one season 3 is finally in the bag, after a post season that feels like an eternity it was nice to get back on the field and play some ball, or was it?

Our opening game of the season is a divisional battle between the reigning champs the 49ers against a very feisty Seahawks. Seattle QB Wilson spent most of the game on his arse, with a helmet rattling 5 sacks coughing up a fumble and also throwing 3 interceptions its not all gloom for the Hawks though as 1st round rook Kelley came up with 6 tackles including one for a loss. Just like last season the 49ers rely on their strong run game with Freeman ripping 135 yards with 3 TDs and a whopping 62 yards after contact which shows if you don’t bring him down he’s going to hurt you. 15-27

Next up is another divisional game with the Saints visiting the humble Buccaneers, This game was all defence with the Saints picking off Andrew Luck twice with P J Williams taking one 94 yards for the only score in the game. Rookie QB Crockett had a tough game against a steely D with 130 yards and 1 interception can things get better for the youngster next week as he visits the Panthers, yes it can. The Buccs once again showed the consistent inconsistency that they are known for. 7-0

The Dolphins threw a whopping 5 interceptions but still only managed to lose by 3 points which I’m putting down to a strong D as the Titans only managed 33 yards rushing with henry averaging 2.6 per carry, the titans D also help the run game even better with Miami only having 22 rush yards with Rookie Cornel Ragland held to 1.9 yards per carry. If either team wants a shot at the post season they need to buck their ideas up. 16-19

In a week that rookie QB Scott Talley wants to forget with a passer rating of 20.8, 3 interceptions and 2 fumbles and zero points on the board he then gets benched for Brees who completes 1 pass and throws another interception just to rub salt on the wounds for a hurt hurt Bills team. The Texans start the season with an impressive impression both sides of the ball with Miller rushing for a healthy 92 yards and rookie corner catching a stray pass and returning it 72 yards for a glorious TD. 0-23

In a game that looks all offence the Eagles pipped the Panthers by 3, offensive player of the year Smallwood got off to a good start with 134 yards but struggled to find the end zone, rookie WR Lester only managed the one catch but it did go for a nice 64 yards so we can only expect more things from this bright rook.Cam Newton had a game of Jekyll and Hyde throwing 270+ yards, 2 TDs but then also giving the ball away twice in costly positions. 27-24

The game between the Falcons and Vikings was yet another defence battle with so few points scored. Matt Ryan had a solid if not nothing else performance with mistake free football, Rookie MLB Bogle had an interesting game recording a sack but also causing a flag as his team forced a turnover in the opponents red zone only for it to be over turned and then the Vikes stormed the field to take a 10-0 lead only for them to come back with 17 unanswered points. I’m struggling to find anything to say about this Vikings performance, it wasn’t horrible and it wasn’t good it was just average, 1st round corner Blackmon made 6 tackles and 2 pass deflections. 17-10

Last seasons dark horse NYG put 27 points past the Redskins. NYG played a steady game of just moving the ball bit by bit rather than looking for that huge play to blow it open. Nate ‘Stud; Sudfeld had an easy day throwing for 206 yards with 66% completion percentage. The score doesn’t tell the full story for an improving side, rookie DE Felix proves he’s more lion than cat while getting his first NFL sack, but the Redskins are going to need a great escape if they are going to not pick in the bottom 5 of the draft for the third year running. 27-0

Everyones favourite Chilean and everyones favourite Craig (Ben) have a battle of the bottom, with both of these players eager to show of their new toys its Ben that comes out on top with 2nd overall pick Hester coming 2 sacks. Aaron Rodgers had a poor performance with 1 INT 134 yards and 14/25. with the GM pulling in some old heads for training advice the Pack look to get their rookies up to speed fast.

Its a known fact that 60% of the worlds population hate the Patriots so when they come up against a very strong Jaguar team there was only way I wanted this game to go. The Jags had an eye watering 5 takeaways with noted Boston mafia head Jimmy G being responsible for the majority. Last seasons MVP Yeldon may have got himself into the end zone twice but he found it hard to get going all gone with 86 yards on 20 carries, if he’s to have any chance of regaining that crown he needs to find some holes and make a break for it.

Due to Wayne being stuck in traffic foirstjaminaloingtime they are delayed.

#1 overall pick Russell ‘The Dud’ Rudd gets his NFL career off to an underwhelming start with only 7 completions and 5 interceptions so it was a case of one for you one for me from the Alabama native. On the other side of the ball fellow rookie Breon Adkins rushed for 63 yards and 2 TDs and catching 2 passes for 67 yards and another TD which gives him a great platform to make a run for OROTY. 27-0

Newcomer to the league Harry and Tobli are having their game simmed, I think Tobli is going for a record 16 sims this season beating Glynns 12 from last season.

The Browns heavily invested in FA this off season but all that spending still brought them short against a very good Broncos defence which managed 3 ints and sack, while Paxton Lynch had a pleasing performance with 240+ yards and a TD. some of that big spend in FA was on their new starter Tyrod Taylor who had a miserable day with 3 interceptions on the plus side this is his first game since pop warner without a fumble though. 24-17

Eric Ebron and team owner MM have never quite seen eye to eye but Ebron really showed what he’s made of with his 5 reception 127 yard game, last seasons DROTY Bird carries on his impressive form with 2 tackles for a loss and 1 INT, how far can this rook carry the Lions? speaking of Carry Todd Gurly II must have the strongest back in the league as he dragged his team for 133 yards and a touchdown all the while Jared Goff literally threw the game away as he threw 2 ints and lost a fumble, Ogletree tried his best to rally the troops with a fumble returned for a TD but the Rams fell just short but they have a bright future for sure. 26-24

This brings us to our main event of the evening in the black hole we have the meanest looking line backers the world has ever seen and in the purple corner we have the no fly zone! Joe Flacco on the surface had a good day, 364 yards 2 TDs 68% then add in the 1 interception the 6 sacks and the 7.7 yards per attempt it opens up a bit more. The Perribomb was held to a long of 22 yards all game as the pass rush was so intense Flacco couldn’t get it deep enough (oh err). Derek Carr had himself an easy day as he was on a short field or his defence had scored that many points he just had to play turnover free football. Mack, Mack, Mack Flacco is going to have nightmares about this monster for the rest of his life with 2 sacks and 3 fumbles to his name, Mack Mack Mack. If we break down Carrs numbers it leaves the No Fly Zone and its dignity intact, Carr had 156 yards on only 6 completions and 138 came on 2 busted plays.
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