Season 2 Kickoff

Well after a long season, and a very long post season the offseason was rattled through pretty quickly, thank you to everyone who made it relatively smooth. Thank you to Chris R who has been very very busy and Kadders for updating the schedule.

Season 1 was pretty quiet rules wise, a few minor issues here and there, wheels spins etc but by the majority who played within the rules thank you, for those who didn’t and are feeling smug. We will find you out if we haven’t already 😉

Some things to note for season 2.

Both teams should now stream the game, this isn’t a rule change yet but something we want to try. If it causes connection issues knock it back to the away team streaming only. Part of the reason for asking for this relates to peoples play calling, we are fairly sure people are spamming the same 2/3 plays but its hard to tell when when we only get part of the picture on stream.

HB touches, 3000yds and all the touchdowns for your HB does not mean your a running god, it means your not letting anyone else touch the ball. The percentage of offensive touches and percentage of carries will be much more closely monitored this season. Consider this your warning

On a similar vein, Run:pass ratios were pretty suspect for a few teams, some its hard to tell as they may have had a few cpu games etc, but again this is something we will monitor more closely as the new season begins.

Other than that, well done, was an excellent season 1 with a worthy champion. Heres hoping for more of the same season 2.

Cheers Cubas

The Commishes