Season 2 Kick-Off

Its been a hectic offseason, particularly for the commisioners but the league kicks off tonight at 8pm with our second redzone!

Please make sure you follow the stream and get involved with the chat.

Everyone please make sure your roster meets the requirements before you play (53 players 3 QBS).Please remind yourselves of the rules. Particularly the 4th down (a few people seem to have forgotten this one), stat padding and play variation rules.


With regard to rules if you have an issue in game take a note of the time in the game get some clips and send a commish the details, it is impossible for us to watch every game. If your defence for your own rule breaking is what-about-ery and theres nothing ever been reported theres not a lot we can do.

Good luck for the new season everyone, play well and don’t be a dick