1st January 2017


Rules to live by

Our rules have evolved a lot over the last ten years, at times they have grown arms and legs so we have trimmed this year. Theres still a lot there to try and cover most scenarios, but we have 3 rules that if you stick to them you should be absolutely fine.

1.DONT BE A DICK. Pretty self explanatory really both in game and in the community, treat others with respect, help out when asked, support people when they need it. Abide by the rules of the league and the forum at all times.

2. VARIETY IS THE SPICE OF LIFE Whether it be the plays you choose, the players you give the ball to or the players you control. Mix it up and you will reap the rewards. Abusing the game engine does not impress anyone.

3. SEE SOMETHING SAY SOMETHING. If you see something during a game that you are watching, or experience something during a game you are playing that you don’t think is right, let a commissioner know asap do not raise the issue in public or with your opponent.

And now down to the nitty gritty, the sections below should cover the in’s and outs of how we operate.