Rookie Watch

We’ve hit the quarter point of the season, time to take a quick look at those taken in the top 10.

Pick 1 QB Russell Rudd – Cardinals

The new face of the Arizona Cardinals offence has had a rough start life in the NFL, in his debut against the Bears, he completed 7 passes off of 22 attempts, was picked off 5 times and failed to score TD. His stats improved slightly over the next 3 games in terms of completion % however the Front Office will no doubt be expecting better things from the No. 1 overall pick. A resurgent David Johnson should help alleviate some of the pressure and there is still plenty of time for this young QB to show exactly why he’s the right guy for the Cardinals.

Pick 2 ROLB Marcus Hester – Jets

When Marcus ‘Van Wilder’ Hester entered the draft last year he was universally regarded as the best prospect. Hester got off to a good start in his debut against the Packers sacking Aaron Rodgers twice, showing good coverage and disrupting the Offensive Line. Since then though his numbers have been far from impressive, in fact he has only recorded 4 tackles in 3 games. Much like fellow draftee Rudd, a lot was expected of Marcus, the good news is there is still plenty of time for him to get up to speed with the NFL.

Pick 3 CB Maxey Ross – Packers

After losing Hyde, Burnett and Shields in the offseason, Ross arrived in Green Bay with high expectations. Unfortunately though Ross can’t do the job of three men and the Packers are still as giving up to many yards to the deep ball. Ross has kept up his side of the bargain making key deflections in each of his 3 starts this year. If Green Bay are to the get the most out of this young Corner their going have to give him some support in the secondary.

Pick 4 DE Dyron Felix – Redskins

As always the Redskins surprised a few people with their selection, many expected them to draft a tackle to help support their QB, instead they opted for a monster on the Dline. Felix has shown flashes of his big play ability, especially when it comes to disrupting the oppositions run game.  However if we’re to see Felix’s reach his true potential and improve on his 4 tackles so far, others around him are going to have to step up their game.

Pick 5 MLB Connor Brandon – Raiders

The Raiders recent defensive performances are testament to how 1st round draft picks can transform a franchise. Despite a sluggish start against the Ravens, Brandon quickly settled into the line up racking up 8 tackles in the process, not a bad stat considering he’s challenging Trevathan and Bowman for playing time. With Bowman entering the twilight of his career, Brandon should start seeing more snaps soon and will no doubt cement his place as the number one Linebacker in Oakland.

Pick 6 ROLB George Bogle – Falcons

Much was made of the Falcons blockbuster trade with the Titans just before the draft, and it was no secret who they were after. However they had to go quickly go back to the draft board when their guy was taken and drafted Bogle. The owner made no secret of his anguish over the pick and for a brief moment Bogle found himself on the trade block. Bogle has answered his critics in the best possible, on the field. Making key plays in all off his games this season (7 Tcks, 2 Scks 1FF 1TD) Bogle is quietly proving the Falcons made the right choice.

Pick 7 MLB Trey Boatwright – Chiefs

Trey celebrated being drafted in the most unusual way and changed his first name, however he quickly reverted to his birth name after a threat from the 3 stooges…. I mean our glorious Commissioners threatened to remove him from the league. Boaty instead chose to make a name for himself on the gridiron and got off to a great start against the Bengals racking up 5 tackles, and although the Chiefs gave up nearly 300 passing yards against the 49ers, it was partly thanks to his stellar performance they came away with the win. No doubt he’ll be disappointed with his efforts against the Ravens, but we still expect him to come back fighting after his bye week.

Pick 8 ROLB Andre Dorsey – Raiders

Dorsey got off to a great start in his NFL debut, making 5 key tackles and sacking Flacco once in, what was a defensive master class against the Ravens. Since then though his numbers have been far from impressive, after been benched in week 2 he struggled against the Jets and Titans recording on 2 tackles in 2 games. No doubt the coach will be hoping that Dorsey, unlike the owner, doesn’t live off his one good game against the Ravens for the rest of the season and as for the fans; maybe they want a little less ‘return of the Mack’ and a little more ‘return of the playoff’s’.

Pick 9 LT Charlie Katzenmoyer – Bears

The best way to judge an Oline man? How many times has the QB been sacked and Passing/Rushing yards and through 4 games the Bears have.

750 Passing Yards

330 Rushing Yards

5 Sacks allowed 1.25 avg per game

Enough said.

Pick 10 CB De’Aarius Blackmon – Vikings

Did the Vikings need a Corner, no, did they have other needs, yes; but with Charlie Katzenmoyer off the board and Blackmon still available it was a clear choice. Do they reach for Oline man or do they draft Corner with star potential, ultimately it was a no brainer. Blackmon and co are allowing less than 200 passing yards per game and he has 11 tackles to date, a great stat considering he’s the 3rd in the depth chart.