Remember the 2020 Titans

Remember the OOH 2020 Titans

END OF THE SEASON: Titans, roster trouble! What’s next?

The roster peace is coming to an end in Tennessee. They had a competitive squad, mostly in the Defensive side of things but some mistakes by Mexican owner Andre might bring this to an end. 

They were due a big year with contract renewals, a topic that didn’t cause much stress in the front office before entering the new season. Everyone, from the mascot to the owner and coaching staff believed that everything was under control. At least that’s what the owner made everyone to think. 

There were no doubts that they had the funds and the time to wrap all of the contracts which were of interest for the future of the organization. However, this was found out to be the biggest mistake of the franchise in the past 3 seasons.Causing players yet to be resigned, funds coming short, etc.

Fans and owners around the league noticed that in the last few weeks the Titans made a big number of cuts, some players of more impact than others but a big amount cuts nonetheless. 

Even the mascot had to be let go, and since then has become our main source information of the current situation in Tennessee. In a short conversation shortly after he left the stadium, where we wanted to know who was at fault for the current mess the teams is in. He blamed the Mexican owner, everything is his fault. 

“He made decisions without even being aware of how the trade deadlines work in the league.” – “He kept expensive old filler players because he was too lazy to find new ones and believed the team was rich.” – “He thought he would have another chance to trade players without contract again at the end of the season” 

But he didn’t couldn’t tell us much more because of the fear he has of owner Andre and the rumors of his ties with the Mexican cartel back home.

What’s next for the team? The whole organization is running to catch up with the mess done so far. Financial expert Jimmy Neutron is reported to have been hired in order to better understand and make some quick fixes in order to have a last hail mary and hopefully get a chance to resign some of the big names on the roster yet to be offered a contract.

Who are those players that might hit FA because of these mistakes?

DE Cameron Jordan – Excellent attributes and barely regressed so far due to his age. We believed the idea behind of his renewal was to tag him based on how much his contract wishes are being reported.

LB Zach Cunningham – Under the radar great player, a lot of interest this season but it was reported earlier this year that he was not trade away as owner Andre wanted to wait until the end of the season.

WR Taywan Taylor – Fast enough, decent numbers and its reported as one of the favorites targets of QB Mariota, not that he hits many of his intended passes but it’s the thought that counts.