Power Rankings

Quick Recap of the Daddyleagues Power Rankings

Carolina Panthers 6-0 
Usual team in these rankings. Nothing weird about it and this season isn’t any different. A lot of good players to go along with someone that knows what do with them. The schedule isn’t the easiest, as they have a couple of good teams to face but I think they will the division anyways. Falcons (I think) are having a better season than their previous one but catching up to the Panthers is a mission. I would think Panthers could end up 12-4 if they have some games no go their way. The schedule has teams like the last Superbowl winners. PREDICTION: 12-4

Cincinnati Bengals 6-0-1
John Ross… I mean the Bengals are once again in a good position to take the division. Based on Daddyleague ratings, they have 3 big games left. Starting right away vs Chargers. Browns this season don’t seem to be a worry for the Bengals teams as they are not performing like their usual self and are a couple of wins behind already. PREDICTION: 12-3-1

Los Angeles Chargers 6-0-1
Another not surprise here, old news. Making the playoff when you have another elite player with you isn’t easy but these guys somehow still manage it (We.. I.. Hate them lol). So far this season they have the advantage to win the division over Broncos as they have already defeated them once and Rob slipped one game behind by losing to the Texans CPU (thanks Rob, you had ONE job). Daddyleagues says Chargers have a weak schedule but look at the teams they have to face this season it isn’t so easy in paper. They have a big game coming up and maybe 1 or 2 more where surprises can be come up.PREDICTION: 13-2-1

Arizona Cardinals 6-1
Good season so far, but that also can be said about their division rivals. It seems they will go head to head until the end of the season. This could all be decided when they face each other twice later on towards the end. Both have a strong run game, and Cardinals are 3rd in rushing yards. They also have toface tricky teams like the Lions and Redskins.PREDICTION: 13-3

Minnesota Vikings 6-1
Great defense. 2nd best in points allowed to opposite teams with 11 per game. So If you are having a bad day against the Vikings you better hope he does too so that you have chance, otherwise forget about it. Big game against the Panthers coming up and from there 2 or 3 crucial games. But even of they go in a bad run I don’t see them not making the playoff. The also have the 2nd best rushing stats so far. PREDICTION: 11-5

San Francisco 49ers 6-1
You need someone to score points for you? Hire the 49ers. Scary passing offense and high scoring team. 30 points per game so far this season. Wanna beat them? It looks like whatever your scoring average per game is, double it and hope your defense is on point that day. Their passing is game seems to stand out right away, with 21 TD but don’t forget they Kamara, and even though hes had a a quieter season he is there in case things don’t open for Shelton. Their bigger threats the rest of the season are Panthers, Vikings and Cardinals. PREDICTION: 12-4


Tennessee Titans 6-1
WHAT? It looks like their financials troubles were because the money was spent on good luck charms. But those don’t last long and you cant go anywhere with luck. Daddyleagues has them with a weak schedule this season but they managed to defeat a couple of teams they always had trouble with or never actually defeated. However, this run is very likely ending soon. 49ers, Cardinals, Chiefs, Texans and few other decent teams ahead. It has been nice for the fans and owner but everything that goes up must go down, especially in Tennessee. PREDICTION: 9-7

Atlanta Falcons 4-2-1
Commissioner Moose is part of the top 10 power rankings. An improvement over their 7-9 from last season so far. It looks like their games are about “We will score as many points as we can and see what happens in defense”. Their offense seems to be working, they are very well ranked in Total Off and passing yards. The problem to some of their black spots in their schedule comes down to they give away many points. As long as they can keep up scoringthey could go on to having a much better record than last year. They have 3 games where I think they have less chances of winning, apart from that, the Falcons have their chancesPREDICTION: 9-6-1

Denver Broncos 5-2
How good can you be that by looking at Daddyleagues I get the feeling that they aren’t having the best season? Damn. 2 lost games so far, and one of them was against CPU Texans. Crazy game, go and ask Rob about it. I am sure he has nice memories about it ooops. I see Rob maybe losing a max of 3 games and still having a chance to make the playoff, they still have some tricky games left and a couple of big ones. But you don’t win so many Superbowls without being counting the tricky games as Ws in your schedule. Just like in Superbowless(Playoffless*) Tennessee. *sigh* PREDICTION: 11-5 

Baltimore Ravens 4-2
It looks like the Ravens team has a really bad season and then an improvement the next one. Their first season they only won 3 games but went finished 8-8 the next one. Guess what happened after that one? They went back to just winning 3 games and having the exact same record as the first one, 3-12-1. But here we are, in our fourth season and the Raves are in the top ten power rankings on Daddyleagues. It looks like its their season of improvement once again. There are rumours that this is not the usual pattern and everything has to do with the move of their own to Holland. The rumours are that happy substances found in the new lands are a factor. Some are going as far as to say not just the owner but the players are part of it. Jokes aside, I think Ravens can go and repeat their second season. Some difficult games but half the job is done to reach the .500 mark.PREDICTION: 7-9