Original League – Week 7 Predictions

The competition is heating up – both in the Madden Out of Hours Original League and in the Original League Predictions League. Was Week 6 the week that Tom O and Oli closed the gap at the top?

Week 6 saw all the predictors scoring double-figures on their predictions for the week’s action – but it was both Oli and Tom D who came out on top with their 11 correct predictions tieing for the weeks lead.

Trailing behind by one solitary incorrect prediction was Tom O, who managed to score 10 points this week – but saw the gap between him and Oli in 2nd place increase ever so slightly.

Overall Standings

1. Tom D – 63 points
2. Oli – 60 points
3. Tom O – 57 points

Onto Week 7 and who have they all predicted for success this coming week?