Original League – Week 6 Predictions

Technology has stopped us from updating these in the past couple of game-weeks but we’re back and there are predictions to catch up on and also Week 6 predictions to share. Does Tom D still reign supreme?

Going back to Week 4, we saw both Tom D and Oli leading the way with 10 correct picks to keep their battle at the top interesting. Tom O was the third placed guy that week with just 8 correct picks to his name. He was going to need to step things up.

And step up he did as, in Week 5, Tom O led the way with 9 correct selections in a week where there was a number of surprise results – the Bills losing to the Rams, Patriots to the Browns and Minnesota falling to Houston just three of the games which caught out all three predictors.

Oli finished second in Week 5 with 8 correct picks leaving Tom D in last place with only 7 correct selections. Poor show from the league leader.

After 5 weeks of predictions, the scores are…

1. Tom D – 52 points
2. Oli – 49 points
3. Tom O – 48 points

Getting close.

So, who are the winners we’re expecting to see in Week 6 of the Madden Out of Hours Original League?