Original League – Week 4 Predictions

We’re flying through the leagues and we’re already into Week 4 of the Madden Out of Hours league – teams are starting to pull away from their competition, the strugglers are beginning to look at who they can get a kings ransom from for their #1 overall pick and there’s predictions to be made…

Week 3 saw new weekly winners as both Tom O and Oli closed the gap at the top with impressive scores of 12 points apiece. Not that they closed the gap by that much though as Tom D was close behind with 11 points from his Week 3 predictions…

The overall standings are as follows;

1- Tom D – 35 points
2- Oli – 31 points
3- Tom O – 30 points

Here are the guys predictions for Week 4’s slate of games…


So, wins for Indianapolis, Buffalo, Atlanta, Chicago, Baltimore, Tennessee, Denver, San Francisco, New Orleans and Kansas City are a sure thing…right?

We’ll see as Week 4 games are played.