Original League – Week 3 Predictions

Week 2 of the Madden Out Hours Original League is in the past and we’re quickly onto Week 3 of the season, so how did our trio of predictors do and who are they tipping for success in the third slate of games? 

It was another solid week for Tom D as, following his 12/16 performance in Week 1, he was able to record another 12/16 week from Week 2’s selection of games – joining both Oli and Tom O in incorrectly predicting wins for New England, Baltimore, Atlanta and Green Bay.

With the top spot sealed for another week, Oli and Tom O were left to fight for 2nd spot and there was nothing to separate the pair as they both ended the week with a 10 point scoreline.

After 2 weeks, the overall scores are;

1 – Tom D – 24 points
2 – Oli – 19 points
3 – Tom O – 18 points.

Who are they going for with the Week 3 games starting momentarily?


All three guys assuming victories for Buffalo, Cleveland, Detroit, Tennessee, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Kansas City.

Guess we’ll soon see how right they are and whether or not Oli and Tom O can close the gap on Tom D.