Original League – Week 2 Predictions

Week One of the Madden Out of Hours Original League is in the books, which of our three predictors triumphed and who did not when it came to figuring out who wins their Madden 17 matchup. 

After a quick week that resulted in an early advance, it was Tom D who leads the pack with 12 correct selections out of the 16 matches – San Diego, Arizona, Dallas and Detroit standing in between him and perfection. Probably should have trusted his Colts side to do the business over Detroit but oh well…

That left Oli and Tom O to figure out who would finish 2nd and who would prop up the league – it was close between the pair and just one correct prediction separated them. It was indeed Oli who managed that key selection as he finished Week 1 with 9 correct predictions to Tom O’s 8.

Who have our predictors gone with for Week 2 of the season?

Here are their picks below;


A handful of unanimous decisions from all three (including the already-played Detroit vs. Tennessee game), can Tom O and Oli close the gap with their predictions? We’ll find out soon enough.