Original League – Week 1 Team of the Week

Week One of the Madden Out of Hours Original League is in the books – following a frantic start, the league had advanced early and hadn’t given us time to name the week’s Team of the Week. Alas, we are here now and there are a few big performances to make the list this week.

Read on to find out if your players made it…

There were a handful of good players who put up some staggering numbers in the opening week of the season so it only seems right to nominate some of them for this week’s Team of the Week; to be different to previous incarnations of said award, it’s broken down into position and then a team defence…so who made it and who didn’t?

QB – Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers (vs. Jacksonville Jaguars)
33/43, 364 yards, 5 TD and 0 INT.

A solid outing for one of, if not the, best passing quarterback in the game. With how easy it is to throw interceptions in this game (or is that just me who has that issue?), to throw the ball 43 times and not have a single INT is pretty darn impressive. Then there’s 5 touchdowns and one of the top passing yardages in the league this week, not bad A-Rod. Not bad at all.

RB – Mark Ingram, New Orleans Saints (vs. Oakland Raiders)
23 rushes, 160 yards, 3 Touchdowns

There were a couple of solid options for the best running back this past week but Mark Ingram and his hat-trick of touchdowns snagged it – perhaps the 8 broken tackles swayed me towards him over an impressive outing for Jamaal Charles. Oakland struggled to get Ingram down and it’s of little surprise that New Orleans ran away as winner of this match-up.

WR – A.J. Green, Cincinnati Bengals (vs. New York Jets)
10 catches, 321 yards, 3 Touchdowns

I bet that Darrelle Revis and the New York Jets secondary are having nightmares about the performance that AJ Green had against them in Week 1. With a statline likely bordering on the “ban-hammer” level, the Bengals will likely keep looking in Green’s direction if he’s able to dominate opposition like he did in the season opener.

TE – Joe Sommers, San Francisco 49ers (vs. Los Angeles Rams)
4 catches, 113 yards, 2 Touchdowns

We all know how easy it is on Madden to just throw the ball up to a Tight End on an out route for some rather easy yards but I guess we should recognise some of the big performances when they come around. Like this one from Rookie Joe Sommers, whoever he is? A big outing in his first game in the league, converting 50% of his receptions into touchdowns.

K – Robbie Gould, Chicago Bears (vs. Houston Texans)
3/3 on Field Goals (longest of 47 yards) and 2/2 on XP.

Kickers are people too and they deserve recognition. Especially when they are as accurate on their kicks as old man Robbie Gould was in Week 1. The changes in field goal kicking in this Madden have made them, in some circumstances, more difficult so expect we could see a lot of missed ones throughout the season…so if you can get multiple on target and not miss, your kicker could be here!

DEF – Pittsburgh Steelers (vs. Washington Football Team)
153 yards allowed, 8 turnovers

With more turnovers than you’d see in a Greggs after the lunchtime rush, Washington had a tough welcome to the league as they went up against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Considering how much our resident Steeler fan goes on about how much their defence is bad, to force 8 turnovers with them seems like it’s worthy of recognition. I should have checked what the turnovers were…alas, I did not. But there was 8 of them. So well done Pittsburgh.

Agree/Disagree with the choices made?