Original League – Week 1 Predictions

Week 1 of the Madden Out of Hours Madden 17 League begins tonight which means a return of our Weekly Predictions – which of our 3 Predictors will be the Predictor Champion come the end of the inaugural season?

After much waiting and complaining about EA shipping us all a broken game, the Original League kicks off this evening with several games already scheduled to kick off the first of many seasons of Madden 17.

With that comes the Weekly Predictions and, with the defection of our previous blogger to some place unknown, it is down to a group of others to deliver great content in the form of weekly blogs to do with the league. One such thing is this; the weekly predictions which will see Tom D (of the Indianapolis Colts), Oli (of the Kansas City Chiefs) and Tom O (of the Atlanta Falcons) choosing the winners of each weekly matchup.

Who knows best? Who will win the wooden spoon for knowing nothing at all about Madden? Time will tell, but here are the predictions for the Week 1 slate of games…


A handful of unanimous decisions with everyone assuming that Paul, Tobli, MidgetMoose, TO and Aaron getting off to winning starts with their new Madden 17 franchises.

Guess I’ll just have to go and prove them (and myself) wrong when I kick off the season vs. MM’s Detroit side.

Join us later in the week when we’ll have the results of this week and predictions for the Week 2 table of games.