Original League Top 10 Mock Draft


Welcome to the first mock draft of this years Madden provided by Minnesota Vikings owner Alastair. He took a long and in depth look at each of the picks and prospects and came up with this Gem.

With the No. 1 pick.   


Aaron Harden, QB, Nebraska

The Redskins decided not to pay Kirk Cousins after a disappointing season and will turn to the mobile Aaron Harden out of Nebraska. Harden projects as an agile passer in the vein of Jameis Winston who will start from day 1.

With the No.2 pick


Evan Potter, QB, Ole Miss

The Jets will fill a gaping hole at signal caller with the strong armed Evan Potter. Potter has had a stellar season with Ole Miss when active but concerns over his durability remain. He can make all the throws required to be a success in the NFL.

With the No.3 Pick


Charlton Kidd, CB, Pittsburgh

The Buccs will add the dominant Charlton Kidd to their porous secondary. Kidd has excelled in both zone and man coverage this year and had a great performance at the combine.

With the No.4 Pick


Jamal Huntley, WR, Florida State

The Broncos will add a second weapon on the other side to complement Deymarius Thomas. Huntley is a 6’ 6’’ red zone threat out of Florida State who can also take the top off a defence. Some of his spectacular catches this year have drawn comparisons with Julio Jones although he lacks the explosiveness.

With the No.5 pick


Josh Haskins, ROLB, UCLA

The Packers will add a threat on the opposite side from Clay Matthews to attempt to slow down their pass heavy divisional rivals. Haskins is the best pass rush available in this year’s draft and brings an explosive burst that overpowers blockers.

With the No.6 pick


Duvon Madison, RE, Clemson

Madison made a big splash at this year’s All Star game where he seemed to be able to get to the quarterback at will. Also excelling in the run game he will shore up the defensive line in Georgia.

With the No.7 Pick


Tavares Myles, CB, Texas A&M

The Cardinals will be on the lookout for a QB of the future but with no great talents outside the top two they will add to their already powerful defense by adding Tavares Myles out of Texas A&M. the 6’ 4’’ speedster has been part of the best secondary in college football this year and has excelled in their zone coverage.

With the No.8 Pick


Naquan Carswell, CB, Texas A&M

Carswell will make it back to back picks from the Texas secondary as he follows his college teammate to meet the commissioner. Carswell is quicker than his compatriot but lacks height – will be a dominant slot corner.

With the No.9 Pick


Turner Dekker, LT, Stanford

The first offensive lineman off the board will be the combine beast Turner Dekker out of Stanford. Dekker will immediately bring elite pass blocking to Buffalo where Tyrod Taylor has been under pressure all year.

And with Pick No.10 


Jackson Harrell, LT, USC

The Jags will give Blake Bortles some more protection after a season where he spent more time scrambling to escape pressure than actually passing downfield. Harrell is a speedy zone blocker with great skills who will be an immediate upgrade.

And that concludes the mock.  Am I close, or will someone throw the cat among the pigeons by thinking outside the box with there pick. Not long till we find out