Original League – Season 3 Preview

After a prolonged hiatus from the blog, were back with a bang for the much anticipated OOH Season 3. Before we go on to preview the forthcoming season, lets have a quick recap of how season 2 finished

CB and the 49ers fluked their way to a Superbowl ring, overcoming the re-incarnation of SC in Rob’s San Diego Chargers. The story could have been so much more different had Melvin Gordon not fumbled on the final drive of the game. Gordon will need to work hard to regain the faith of the Chargers management team.

The Jags served notice on the league with a wonderful 14-2 season and AFC Championship run, whilst in the NFC, the standout performance came from the Giants, who bounced back from a disappointing first season and look to be the team to catch in the NFC East this year once again.

Buckfast, the Scottish Drink of Champions did for the Bears playoff hopes this season

Some uncommitted performances by some head coaches saw the likes of the Titans (holidays and no DBs) and Bears (Alcohol Poisoning) picking in the top 10 of the draft, but no one is sleeping on them ahead of the next season.

However, all of that is consigned to the history books now, and here we stand, on the dawn of a new season, where everyone (yes….even Andre) can dream of raising the Lombardi.





2018 Off-Season

The Headlines

  • We said goodbye to the much loved Tom from Indianapolis and welcomed Harry. Give it a few days and he’ll no doubt be selling off Jameis Winston to settle his gambling debts
  • The Browns signed everyone whos ever played a down in the NFL

Jameis prays Harry wins a bet one day soon

  • Did you know the Ravens signed every decent DB over the age of 35 to build a great ‘No Fly Zone’? Additionally, Rumours of a recent nose job to repair the damage of spending so long up his own backside are yet to be confirmed
  • The Falcons ignored their own advice of trading away great players and cubaed up the draft
  • The Raiders’ draftees cried themselves to sleep after being forced to sign for a fantastic 3-13 team
  • The Saints are very quickly going into liquidation but did find in Alex Crockett a new QB to replace Brees

Another season of despair awaits in Oakland


  • Everyone should be prepared at all times to catch a wayward pass from the Bills new QB
  • The Chargers spent 3 weeks cursing the previous ownership for leaving them with no draft picks
  • The Titans found a backfield to rule that excuse out for future use
  • The Chiefs managed to successfully understand at which time of the day all deadlines were set
  • The Bengals….well…. #foirstnightootinalongtime
  • The Bears have awoken from their Buckfast induced haze and look set to challenge again for NFC honours
  • The Cowboys missed the draft and still manage to draft more o-line to raise Tobli’s hope of fielding an entire 11 man offence with obese men who’ll “win it for them in the trenches

And last but not least

  • The Lions are moaning

2018 Season Preview

Whilst the off-season often brings about great change and upheaval, we here at the blog don’t expect much change to the playoff make up come season end.

In the NFC, we expect the 49ers and Bears to tie up the 1 and 2 seeds, with the Lions taking one of the wildcard spots and joined for the first time by Tampa Bay who doggedly secure a playoff berth in what is the most competitive division in the OOH NFL

NFC Predictions

East – Giants / Cowboys / Eagles / Redskins

South – Saints / Buccaneers / Panthers / Falcons

West – 49ers / Seahawks / Rams / Cardinals

North – Bears / Lions / Vikings / Packers

Champion – Bears

OROTY – Breon Adkins, HB – Chicago Bears

DROTY – George Bogel – OLB – Atlanta Falcons

In the AFC, we predict all four division champions will repeat, and will be joined by the Chiefs and Titans in the post – season. The Jags will look to build on a fantastic season and amend for the Championship game defeat last time around.

AFC Predictions

East – Patriots / Dolphins / Bills / Jets

South – Jags / Titans / Colts / Texans

West – Chargers / Chiefs / Broncos / Raiders

North – Ravens / Browns / Bengals / Steelers

Champion – Jags

OROTY – Hunter Hogans – QB – Kansas City Chiefs

DROTY – Reilly Slater – LB – Cincinnati Bengals

That’s that for the pre-season preview, we aim to be back regularly through the season to provide a review of what’s been, a preview of what’s to come and maybe even some highlights of the great plays around the OOH NFL.