Original League Season 1 Top 10 Mock

by Karen Simmonds

WashingtonQB Jeff Walsh: The Colin Kaepernick experiment is over and ToffeeMonkey takes the QB with the better throwing stats to try and get jump start this Football Team’s dynasty.

Panthers – MLB Antoine Montgomery: The first surprise of the draft. With many expecting this pick to be QB, and it may well be, Brent opts to replace Luke Kuechly and get his QB of the defence in the Oregon graduate.

Jets – QB Sammy Skillin: Wasting no time, ZoSo takes the QB as the rebuild in New York gets underway, falling in love with the scrambling ability of the Oklahoma State QB.

Eagles – DE Devon Buckner: Replacing an aging DL, Lee opts to rebuild in the trenches and try and generate a much-needed pass rush in Philly. Buckner provides speed off the edge and plenty of hit power.

Broncos – LG Patrick Conrad: With QB off the board, SC decides to beef up the offensive line and build the foundations for when a QB is eventually brought in to Denver. A solid run blocker, Conrad will help get out in front and lay down some pancakes.

Saints – FS Dalvin Bass: Losing Marcus Williams on trade deadline, Brad gets his replacement in Bass and hopes his physicality in the box can slow down the Falcons and Gurley.

Jags – WR Rashaud Bynes: Needing a human with hands opposite DJ Chark, Bihar opts to get the physical Bynes from USF.

Giants – MLB Dwayne Clark: Needing someone in the front 7 to make tackles, JB looks at Clark to solidify his defence and fill a position of dire need.

Pats – DT Kyran Lawry: Impressed by his insane bench press numbers, the Pats find a nose tackle in Lawry to anchor the middle and try and slow down Tua, Allen and Walsh for the next four years.

Chargers – MLB John Kiernan: A nice combine secured Kiernan’s 1st round grade and with no marshall in the middle of the field for the Chargers, the Michigan Manhunter finds himself a home in LA.

Will it be close to the real thing ? Time will tell!