Original League Pre-Season Schedule

You have your team and you have your invite so what next? Now the fun begins!

First step is to get into the league, so after accepting your invite now its time to sort out your coach, this part is important so pay attention.

YOU MUST CREATE A CUSTOM COACH. You can create your coach anyway you want them but it MUST be a custom coach, if you don’t create a custom coach and we have to fire your ass an reinvite you to the league there will be wheel shapes in your future!

Now you are in and can see your team there are a few do’s and don’ts

DON’T sign any players whether it be free agents or practice squad players

DO start to trim your squad and adjust your depth chart if you wish.

DON’T play any preseason games until we say you can

DO complete your training and any scenarios (these wont show till week 2)

Some dates and times to take note of

SUNDAY 18TH: League invites sent. Submit lottos picks (5 players only name and position) to SC by 9pm Monday. Trade Committee opens so trades can be posted on the forum for review. Daddyleagues will be ready by tonight also.

MONDAY 19TH Advance to PS Week 2 9pm. Lotto Results Published. Preseason games can be played provided both teams have full rosters.

TUESDAY 20TH Advance to PS Week 3 9pm

WEDNESDAY 21st Advance to PS Week 4 9pm. Cut roster to 53 ensuring any lotto picks have been picked up.

THURSDAY 22nd Advance to Regular Season Week 1. 7:30PM

Some general points

Preexisting and normal injuries will be turned off for the duration of preseason. If you play games be VERY careful with your stats, these will be monitored and you will be punished if you do anything silly, there will be no one off big games in preseason! You have been warned.

Read the rules, then read them again. If you need anything clarified then please ask. Fill in your details on the schedule spreadsheet and get ready for the season ahead.

Trades should be sent to Chris, SC or CB for approval (Rookie coaches need all trades approved before posting).

If theres anything else you want to know or are not sure about please ask.

Cheers cubas.

Your Loyal Commishes