Original League Lotto Results

Original League FA Lotto Results

The lotto results are listed below.

Screen Shot 2016-09-04 at 21.59.20

Every player cut before FA Lotto is now fair game please check transactions in game for this info. PLEASE CHECK THE LIST before signing anyone to make sure they are not allocated.

Every player cut after the FA lotto is subject to waiver claims for a period of 24 hours once this has passed they are fair game for anyone to sign.

Once you have signed your players, Cut your roster to 53 (3 QBs) and assign any practice squad players.

Read the rules

Here http://nfloutofhours.com/topic/8547069/1/#new


Here http://nfloutofhours.com/topic/8547068/1/#new

Once you have done all of the above PM Midgetmoose on groupme and confirm that you are ready for week 1.

Any questions just ask.