I don’t know about you guys, but our league is a lot more like a wrestling promotion than it seems at first glance. I mean think about it, in the Originals League we have 32 guys with defined personalities, some loved and some hated, some more successful than others. Heck, we even have our own Championship that can be challenged for at any time. This was tougher to write than a $2 steak, so with the wrestling fans in mind, and in the words of Good Ol’ JR himself, business is about to pick up!

Now I’ve categorised this in a few ways so bear with me – Each person is ranked similar to a power rankings (don’t get offended, this is just my own opinion, if you think you’re too low then take it as motivation!), followed by the kind of personality they have, be it Babyface, Heel or Tweener, and the wrestler, past or present, that I would compare them to. The positions within each category are random, so the person at the top of the top section isn’t necessarily ranked higher than the person at the bottom of the section.

One last thing, if you don’t make the list, ask and ye shall receive!

Championship Material

Rob (Babyface) – John Cena – This one wrote itself for me. Constantly succeeding and defeating every challenge that is in his path, but like with Cena, the crowd are starting to turn on him and his accomplishments. Bored of his constant winning, even those close to him are growing disdain for the 4-Time champion.

CB (Tweener) – Chris Jericho – A consistent worker who is always up for a challenge, and is up there with the best of all time in this league. A 4-time champion in his own right, CB is one of the best I’ve played against, and is always someone I go to for Madden advice when needed.

Scottish Champ (Babyface) – The Undertaker – Simply put, this is his yard, and we’re all just playing in it. A 7-time champion, the man known as “SC” is possibly the most respected player we have amongst us, and for good reason. A mysterious character at times, but always gives his all regardless. Only one word to describe him: Legendary.

Paul (Heel) – Brock Lesnar – This entry may have been a little different if I started writing a few weeks ago. Paul is a great player who rarely misses a beat, but apparently gets a little too angry every once in a while. Not the greatest in the chat, but lets his stick skills do the talking.

JR (Babyface) – “Mr Perfect” Curt Hennig – A true gentleman of the game, JR is always someone you can count on for a great match with any opponent. Possibly the greatest player to have never won a Super Bowl, JR has the respect of myself and I daresay everybody in this league.


Midgetmoose (Tweener) – Triple H – I’ll be perfectly honest, I nearly chose Matt Striker because of his teacher gimmick, but instead went with Trips because, in my mind at least, Moose is simply The Boss. A 4-time champion, hampered by Quarterback issues in the past few seasons, he is currently just on the edge of the upper echelon of talent, and with the Rovers on the wrong side of mediocrity, it falls to Moose to bring former glories to the town of Blackburn.

Chris/Jerry (Heel) – Bray Wyatt – A controversial, somewhat weird figure within the league. With his crazy hair and crazy mind, Chris has, like Bray, only got one month-long belt reign to his name. However, with an impressive showing that ranks him 5th in the nation at Madden, who knows where 2019 will take the Liverpudlian.

Rory (Babyface) – Will Ospreay – A gifted, young talent, Rory is one of the newer competitors in the league but has thus far shown himself to be a promising up-and-comer. With experience, he could easily be one of the top players in the league. My money is on him to become the youngest champion we’ve ever had in OOH.

DJ (Babyface) – Ric Flair – WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO-cough-cough- *takes blue pill* WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Old man jokes aside, DJ has championship heritage and can hang with the best of them. He’s one of the best players the league has to offer, however has never quite grabbed the brass ring. Has plenty of experience too.

VFJ (Tweener) – Jeff Hardy – VFJ is a strange cat indeed. One season he’s in the Championship Game destroying his opponent, and others he’s picking in the top 5.

Kadeem (Babyface) – Braun Strawman – Kadeem has been steamrolling through his opponents this season and has cemented himself as a premier player in this league. However, with a lack of experience, we can only wait and see how far he goes. Let’s just hope he’s not tagging kids in!

Craig (Tweener) – Santino Marella – A class clown at times, and asks a ton of stupid questions, yet finds himself almost on the brim of championship material. At times can be a crowd favourite, and others the last person you want to see, but all in all just a massive goofball.

Mid Carders

Wayne (Tweener) – Dean Ambrose – I’ve been informed that Wayne can be a little sleazy at times, however he’s also the man who has to make big decisions. Top that with legitimate talent and showing up when it matters and you’ve got one hell of a player.

Chris R (Tweener) – Rob Van Dam – A mainstay of the league who always seems to pull out impressive results, Chris knows what it takes to be a champion, having won the Gameday league Super Bowl II last year. Can he make the leap to the top sooner rather than later?

Ben (Babyface) – Rey Mysterio – I felt lass going with Zack Gowan to simply compare ailments so I instead went for Rey. An exciting player with a lot to offer the league, and someone that nobody will have a problem rooting for.

TO (Heel) – Doink the Clown – Ah TO… I may have met you in real life, but your dark jokes and aggressive humour forced me to make you a heel, and Doink was the perfect choice for the league clown. On the field, Tom is a fierce competitor, and would have went deep in the Belong tournament had he not gotten such a tough draw against a cheesy great player.

Andre (Babyface) – Psicosis – Mexico.

Mr.X (Tweener) – X-Pac – Always puts up a decent fight whenever you play him, but never quite gets the 1-2-3.

Aaron (Tweener) – Shane McMahon – A very good wrestler in his own right, however will forever be known for bad scheduling and random leaves of absence.

Tom V (Heel) – Road Dogg – One of the best trash talkers we have, but his bark is often worse than his bite.

Mackie (Heel) – Steve Blackman – Nobody knows how he got here, but he’s here and he’s a legitimate Taekwondo champion (according to Daly). That being said, he’s got to show what he can do to be rated any higher than this.

Panthers Kev (Babyface) – Rowdy Roddy Piper – Bagpipes, beer and ballooning talent, Kev has a huge upside and could match the potential in the game that the Hot Rod achieved in the world of wrestling. Also has a legendary temper, although we can’t decide whether it’s legit or worked. Only he knows!

Rhys (Tweener) – Mason Ryan – Welsh.

Hit The Sticks (Tweener) – Local Competitor – Sorry dude, don’t know enough about you so you’ll simply be this guy for now!


Glyn (Heel) – Ted DiBiase – Decent player but always ends up with one of the top picks in each draft. As the saying goes, “Everybody’s got a price, for the Million Dollar Man!”

Prime (Babyface) – Maven – A perennial high-picker in the draft, but Prime is no ordinary cat, and holds wins against some of the best talent OOH has to offer. The prime example (wahey) of a guy who has a knack of playing to his opponents level.

Griff (Babyface) – Heath Slater – He’s just one maaaaaaaaannnn… Griff is a very entertaining character and just having him around makes everything around here a lot more fun. Still, he’s in the Jobber section until he can prove he should be raised into the mid-card.


Pack Al (Heel) – Ryback – Like a watered down version of Goldberg, Al blazed a path of destruction for a while, but his hotheadedness and short temper eventually caught up to him, forcing him to quit the league, leaving a bad taste in our mouths. In my humble opinion, he will not be missed.

TC (Heel) – Chris Benoit – Best to leave this one well and truly alone…

Big D (Babyface) – Owen Hart – Big D had it all. He had the mouth of the south, could play with the best of them, but was taken well before his time and will forever be missed. Why did you have to go, man? Say it ain’t so!


Thanks for Reading By Chris G/Jerry