Ooh Season 2 Mock Draft

Written by ZoSo

1) Blake Locklear, QB, Boston College

Packers from Miami via Texans

Needs QB, LG, LB

After a couple of disappointing seasons, Green Bay were looking for a drastic measure in order to jolt their franchise. They seemed to have done just that this off seasonby not only trading away Aaron Rodger to the Chargers but also moving a couple of spots up the draft to take the first overall pick. These moves indicate that we will be seeing a new QB starting at the Packers next season in the form of Blake Locklear from Boston College.

Locklear the unanimous top QB on the board, boasts of a strong arm and is comfortable making short and intermediate throws. Not only would this change bring more structure to the offence but it also removes Rodgers salary from the cap allowing more flexibility to the front office. 

2) Jahmeck Anthony, CB, Notre Dame


Needs LT, CB, HB, WR, MLB

After a poor season the Broncos have been further hit by a number of key players hitting FA. Adding to this is the fact that the roster is aging and needs refreshing. A start has been made by trading superstar Von Miller to get additional younger players. The second pick will help to get another difference maker on the roster and kick start the rebuild. The draft is short of exceptional pass rushers so the pick here will be Jahmeck Anthony from Notre Dame. The 2021 Heismenn Trophy winner, Anthony is a true shutdown corner and has exceptional ball skill. He will be a welcome addition to a defence which has been tested in the air last year and give the Broncos pass rushers more time to get to the QB.

3) Michael Godwin, C, Michigan

Texans from Oakland via Packers

Needs OG, TE, CB

What do you get a team that has everything? After their recent Super Bowl win, the Texans find themselves with the 3rd overall pick due to some smart moves by the front office last season. The Texans boasted having the number 1 offence in the league primarily due to their running game and the legs of Lamaar Miller. Miller is no longer on the team and the temptation would be to draft a new HB, they do have a ready made replacement on the bench in Guice – another smart decision by the Texans GM. Add the recent addition of Lindsley from FA and it looks like they Texans are ready to continue their offensive superiority next year.

The loss of Zach Fulton will need addressing if they wish to return to the Super Bowl. Michael Godwin from Michigan would be an ideal pick here. One of the smartest players in the draft class he can be an immediate plug and play option in the Offensive Line and ensure there is no let down from last year.

4) Marcus Jackson, DT, Michigan State

Steelers from Jag

Needs OG, DL

Another playoff team with an early pick the Steelers are in the comfortable position of picking the best player on their board. Without any major weakness in the roster they can look to wait for the draft to unfold around there. Here they will look to solidify the defensive line by drafting Marcus Jackson from the USC. He would slot in as the NT, taking on double blocks giving a big boost to the front 7. 

5) Rashawn Floyd, FS, USC


Needs OL, DL, LB, CB, S

The Ravens have struggled to establish an identity this season as a team. Although they manage to move the ball fairly easily, scoring points has been a struggle. The defence also is getting on a bit and could do with a refresh to bring younger and hungrier players on board. The Safety core in particular needs help, Earl Thomas is 32 and Tony Jefferson is not certain to return. To this end Rashawn Floyd would be a perfect fit, a hard hitting safety with good coverage skills he will contribute from day 1 as a SS or in the nickel sets with a view to replacing Thomas in a year or two.

6) Reilly Heath, LT, Florida State


Needs LT, C, CB

The 2020 SB champions have had a hard season which is why they are picking 6th overall. The GM and coach appeared distracted impacting fortunes on the field and the roster. A refreshed front office is looking to reboot the roster and rebuild for another shot at the post season. Joe Staley has retired and Person moved on – leaving a massive hole in the OLine. The defensive line is still the strength however the secondary has been depleted. Sherman moved to FS to provide an improvement at the safety position however the CB’s need an urgent upgrade. 

The preference would be to trade down in the draft for additional picks however they could consider taking Reilly Heath from Florida State. Although he has played as a RT in college, I can see him moving across to LT and excelling there. A polished pass blocker he would be an instant starter and protect Garoppolos blind side.

7) Ryan Teague. C. Oklahoma


Needs C, OG, MLB, CB, 

The Giants have been in rebuild mode for a couple of years now, I believe they are close to putting it together and start impacting games. There are rumours that the team will be looking to trade this pick for additional pieces or even players but nothing has been confirmed as yet. In the absence of a trade I would imagine that the Giants would focus on improving the interior of the Offensive Line allowing the team to focus on opening lanes for Barkley. Drafting Sonners Ryan Teague will put in another vital piece alongside Hernandez and provide some solid blocking for Barkley between the tackles. 

8) Tyrone Billups, SS, Penn State


Needs OL, LB, SS

There have been some grumblings coming out of the Bears how they are considering moving on from Trubisky. There has been no changes made as of yet however if there is a QB here that they would like then do no be surprised if the Bears pull the trigger. Failing that the Bears could look to solidfythe secondary and pickup Billups to form a fearsome partnership with Eddie Jackson.

9) Floyd Lake, DT, USC


Needs DT, C, RG

The Titans were in the market for a new QB before they traded for the Panthers rookie Colvin during the off season. This allows them to focus on fixing their Defensive Line after DaQuan Jones left for FA. The Titans finished 29th in total yards given on defence and will need to stiffen up a great deal. I can see them drafting Floyd Lake to form a formidable defensive line alongside Casey and Simmons to help the Titans get to the QB. 

10) Dwayne Bowe, DE, Stanford


Needs LG, LB, DL

After getting their QB, the Packers continue in revamping their team for the year. Although there is an immediate requirement for a LG and a OLB there is no one who stands out picking at 10 in the draft. Instead the Packers shift the focus on their defence which was ranked a disappointing 28th in the league. There are rumours that the team is looking to trade Lowry after a disappointing season. In any case I can see the Packers stiffen up their run defence by drafting Dwayne Bowe from Stanford. A solid run defender he will bring great athleticism and energy to the defensive front and look to reverse the current Packers defensive slide.

11) Jesse McCloud, QB, Kansas State


Needs QB, LB

The Cowboys are coming off a very disappointing season not just on the field. Star Quarterback, DakPrescott was unable to reach an agreement with Jerry Jones to stay with the team. This decision appears to be vindicated as Dak is struggling to obtain much interest in the FA market. All this does mean that the Cowboys will be looking for a QB in the draft. Although ranked as a second roundtalent, needing a QB can do funny things to a GM – shooting up Jesse McCloud up the board to 11th in the draft. Boasting a big arm, McCloud will be in an ideal situation in Dallas behind that OLine and with Elliot alongside him to take the pressue off. Whether or not he can handle the pressure that comes from being the starting QB at the Cowboys remains to be seem.

 12) Khalil Overstreet, LE, Auburn


Needs SS, DT

Another star studded roster which struggled for consistency during the season. After a successful season in 2019 where they made the playoffs the Browns were eliminated from contention fairly early. A major reason for this was their ability to play the run defence, ranked 29th in the league they gave over 120 yards per game on the ground. Overstreet from Auburn would be an instant upgrade to defensive line and make a big impact against the run. He is a bit raw against the pass but with a little development could start to contribute fairly quickly.

 13) Pearson Burrell, LB, Georgia

Packers from Chargers

Needs LG, LB

The Packers continue their plan to stiffen up a brittle front 7 by picking up Pearson Burrell from Georgia. A true three down LB he he will initially look to slot in as the SAM and depending on how quickly he can pick up the playbook look to replace Martinez as the MLB. Should provide an instant upgrade to the defence.

14) Shawn Cherry, CB, Utah


Needs OL, DL, CB

A faulty fax machine and a drunk GM meant the Cardinals lost stars Patrick Peterson, Budda Baker and Hassan Riddick this off season to FA. Not surprisingly the old regime was binned and the Cardinals are under new leadership. With holes all through the lineup the Cardinals will look to pick the best player available – at this point this is undoubtably Shawn Cherry, the CB from Utah. Boasting of a massive frame, Cherry had an impressive combine which saw him climb up the draft rankings and a place with the Cardinals at 14.

15) Angelo Torres, ROLB, Kentuky


Needs OL, LB

The exciting Redskins project hit the buffers this season as they struggled to get any sort of consistency. A major part of this was due to the uncertainty over the QB, this has been taken care of after the Redskins took advantage of a weak QB market and snared Dak for around $50m over 4 years deal. They did however lose Kerrigan and I can see them picking a quality replacement in Angelo Torres from Kentucky. A similar sort of player as Kerrigan, Torres will seal the edge and provide consistent and penetrative pressure to the QB. 

16) Eli Loach, DL, Oregon


Needs OL, DL

The Vikings may have missed their SB window that they aggressively pursued these past few years. The gamble to ride on Cousins coat tails to the big prize did not work out and the roster is aging and in need of a overhaul. A number of players are on big contracts which the team can no longer afford or their play merit. A number of changes may be made over the coming seasons but the Vikings will be looking to refresh the squad and try to wring one last performance from this side. With Linval Josephs future unclear, Eli Loach should be able to replace the DT and perform the same sort of role in the front 4. 

17) Mitch Nicholson, RG, Washington State


Needs LG, C, S

Although he played as a RT in college, I believe his exceptional size translates him to a Guard at the next level, where he will fit in for the Falcons. Another team which struggled this past season after making the playoffs in 2019, the Falcons will be looking to revive the running game and picking Nicholson will give them a big boost in doing just that.

18) Courtney Hayden, WR, Arizona State


Needs LG, QB, WR, LB, S

The Patriots were probably expecting a blowback after the most successful period in their franchise ended but I am sure they didn’t expect it to be this sudden and this drastic. Superbowl participants in 2019, the Patriots struggled to reach the playoffs the last season. This off season the team needs to learn to play without Tom Brady after he retired to a deserved rest. Although a QB would be top of their list I do not see one worthy of picking at this stage. The team will focus on the best player available which would be Courtney Hayden ,WR from Arizona State. A deep threat, he will provide a consistent and dangerous target for the next play caller and with his ability to make contested and circus catches will perform a scary pairing with N’Keal Harry,

19) Lamar Lawrence, OT, Penn State


Needs OT, RE

The Buccs posted a good string of results at the end of the season to finish the campaign on a high. The team will be looking to build on from that and look to compete in a tough division. Their quest wasn’t helped with losing Dotson in the off season, so replacing him will be their top priority. If on the board the Buccs will look to pick Lamar Lawrence the OT from Penn State. He has the ability to defend the blindside of Winston and help keep him upright. A plug and play prospect, he will be a starter from day 1 form the Buccs.

20) Jermaine Allen. LE, Virginia


Needs DE, SS

The Bills made some smart moves in the FA period to date, allowing them to allow the draft to fall around them and select the best player at this spot. With one eye on the future the Bills will look to draft a DE to spell Sheard and eventually be his replacement in a year or two. There are a couple of names that could interest here, however I believe the team will select Jermaine Allen from Virginia for his abaility to get to the QB.

21) Jaden Godwin, DT, Memphis

Panthers from Colts

Needs WR, DE

After the disappointment of losing the Super Bowl on the last play the Panthers coach left his post abruptly. The new regime has advantage of a playoff calibre roster however there are a number of decisions that need to be made. Having an extra 1st round pick helps the front office mould the team according to the requirements of the new coaching regime. The Super Bowl run showed up the weakeness of the receiving core and despite trading for Robert Woods it will need further strengthening. However I feel that the Panthers will target a replacement for Short who could be a salary cap casualty and be traded or cut. Jaden Godwin can look to contribute immediately and help the team compete for the coming season.




23} Von Riley, RG, East Carolina


Needs OG

After solidifying the defensive line, the Steelers turn their attention to the other side and look to draft a Guard. Von Riley from East Carolina would be a perfect addition who is strong at both pass and run blocking. 

24) Zeke Bradley, LT, BYU

Jets via Seahawks

Needs OT, OG, DE

The Jets were able to make the playoffs despite a major reshaping of their roster. They continue to make moves and use the pick gained from the Seahawks in focusing on the offensive line. Zeke Bradley would immediately shore up the left side of the line and looks to be the starting LT In New York for years to come. 

25)Tony Dexter, OT, Auburn


Needs OL, TE

The Chiefs GM has had to be very active in trying to juggle the various pieces in keeping the team under the cap. He has succeeded in doing that and has made the playoffs so the team is still competeing at a high level despite the changes. The Chiefs pick Tony Dexter from Auburn, who will slot in the right side of the Offensive Line. He may project in as a Guard at the next level but for now he will work as the RT.

26) Jaron Dixon, RG, Texas

Raiders from Eagles

Needs OG, CB

The Raiders have been trying to remain competitive whilst managing an aging and weak roster the past two year. The rebuild starts in the trenches where Jaron Dixon is welcomed to LA. A tough, hard nosed guard he will be needed to start from Day 1 and contribute to the cause. 

27) Cam Feldman, OT, North Dakota State

Bears from Jets

Needs OL, SS

The Bears have been juggling the need to keep their roster competitive as well as keeping tabs of a burgeoning salary cap situation. I believe they will give another chance to Trubisky before pulling the rug from underneath him. To give him further help they will draft Cam Feldman from NDS to cover the right side of the Offensive Line and help keep Mitch clean.

28)Kyle Adams, LT, TCU


Needs OL, WR

After a devastating defeat in the Divisional game the Lions have looked to revamp the side during the off season. I imagine the Lions will be looking OLine in order to give Mariota more time to make his deep throws. Kyle Adams will slot in at LT giving an immediate hand to the offence. Hopefully the Lions will be able to stop chocking and actually win a play off game. 

29) Arsenio McCarthy, CB, East Carolina

Texans from Cincinnati

Needs OG, CB, SS

This might be a good spot for the Texans to focus on the defensive side of the ball, drafting McCarthy from East Carolina. Although they have just signed Dennard from FA, they will look to add more pieces on a defence which was exposed in the air, ranked 29th in passing yards in the league.

30) Mike Clinton, OG, Michigan


Needs OG, DT

Another player who started off as a tackle in college but who projects more as a Guard in the pros. Clinton will help the Rams put the foot down in the run plays and allow them to control games.

31) Oliver Potter, WR, Oklahoma


Needs WR, RE

The defeated SB team will look to a WR at the end of the draft to give them greater depth and Cam more options. Potter will give the big bodied presence that Cam will be looking for on the perimeter and be a different type of receiver to DJ Moore and newly acquired Woods.

32) DeMarcus Baldwin, SS, Georgia


Needs OG, SS

Rounding up the first round, the Texans will select DeMarcus Baldwin from Georgia. A hard hittingsafety he will provide immediate competition to Kavon Frazier with an eye to eventually replacing him later on during the season.