OoH Season 2 Mock Draft

Written by Kadeem

1 Packers (from Miami) – QB, Blake Locklear, Boston College – The Aaron Rodgers era was over when the Green Bay front office made the move to acquire the Oakland 1st rounder in 2021. With that at #3, Griff went out to get the #1 pick and find the heir apparent to Rodgers. With #12 out the building, Locklear is a lock for first overall.

2 Eagles (from Denver) – ROLB, Julius O’Neal, Michigan State – Eagles take the athletic phenomenon that is O’Neal, with many expecting CB Jahmeek Anthony to be the pick here. However, SC has no-one penciled in at ROLB while his corners have plenty of depth.

3 Texans (from Oakland) – RT, Lamar Lawrence, Penn State – While plying his trade at tackle, Le Champion Wayne kicks Lawrence inside in his rookie year to fill the hole at RG and attempts to secure the interior of the line so newly acquired HB Phillip Lindsay has plenty of holes to run through.

4 Steelers (from Jacksonville) – DT, Floyd Lake, USC – Taking advantage of the front seven in Pittsburgh, Moose gets the strongest DT in the class in Lake as the Steelers look to clinch the AFC North away from the Bengals.

5 Ravens – SS, Tyrone Billups, Penn State – Mr X runs to the podium and selects Billups, hoping to find a partner for Earl Thomas III and build a similar partnership to the one ETIII had with Kam Chancellor in Seattle.

6 Cowboys (from 49ers) – RE, Lyndell Wilbur, Michigan – Despite picking up Justin Houston in FA, Wilbur is taken here to add some youth and Houston becomes depth in Dallas. QB 

7 Jets (from Washington) – RE, Eli DeLoach, Oregon – Eli DeLoach’s extra 2 reps on the bench press sees Oli opt for him instead of Standford’s Dwayne Bowe.

8 Bears – RG, Jaron Dixon, Texas – Despite playing at RG, Big Momma switches Jaron Dixon to the left to start day one. Having worked out what makes Mitchel Trubisky tick at the back end of the season, the addition on this OL makes perfect sense if Trubi is to continue getting better.

9 Titans – RG, Mike Hyde, North Dakota State – Having seen Dixon taken the pick before hurts DJ, who would have seen him as the perfect upgrade on Nate Davis. However, Mike Hyde here isn’t a bad option after the wowed coaches and scouts at the Senior Bowl. The 23-year-old put up an impressive 31 reps on the bench and acmes with a nasty streak when pass blocking.

10 Packers – RT, Reilly Heath, Florida State – Another addition to the OL, Griff double dips and the run on offensive lineman continues. Kolton Miller has struggled at RT so will move over to LG, allowing Heath to replace him as the athletic pass protector to keep Locklear up-right.

11 49ers (from Dallas) – CB, Jahmeek Anthony, Notre Dame – How Anthony has fallen this far is amazing and Paul takes advantage. While not a position of need, passing up on this stud and having him on the outside, despite his height, makes this 49ers defence special.

12 Browns – RE, Marc Guerrero, Pittsburgh – VFJ finds the funny side in partnering Myles Garrett with Guerrero, who may not be the strongest but his bend off the edge is generational. Despite starting the college year as a late day 2 player, his play in the ACC Coastal makes him a cert to go on Day 1. 

13 Packers (from Chargers) – C, Joe Timmerman, Arizona State – Locklear gets himself his long-term partner in Timmerman. Spectacular in both the run and pass game, the 23-year-old is quick and strong. The perfect centre for a rookie QB

14 Cardinals – CB, Arsenio McCarthy, East Carolina – With a new head coach, the Cardinals attempt to replace Pat Pete with Arsenio McCarthy. The quick zone corner isn’t Pate Pete but he’s no slouch either expect pro bowl talk come the end of his rookie season.

15 Washington – C, Ryan Teague, Oklahoma – This is a strange pick as it isn’t a position of need. However, Chase Rouiller kicks inside to play LG and Ryan Teague replaces him at C, giving new QB Day Prescott the missing piece on this offensive line.

16 Vikings – DT, Marcus Jackson, Michigan State – It’s no secret that Epone is looking to shift some ageing veterans on the defence and drafting this movable piece on the defensive line helps the Vikings. Excellent stopping the run, Jackson was known at Michigan for possessing a nasty bullrush and managing to sack opposing QBs with his quick speed.

17 Falcons – FS, Junior Shelton, Tulane – With no free safety on the roster, this pick is too obvious. Shelton’s height and man coverage skills fits perfectly with what this Atlanta like to play in the secondary.

18 Patriots – QB, Jesse McCloud, Kansas State – The Tom Brady era is over but Jarrett Stidham is not the answer in New England. Instead, Jesse McCloud comes in to try and get this Patriots side back to the Super Bowl.

19 Buccaneers – MLB, Pearson Burrell, Georgia – The Bucs are delighted Burrell falls to #19. Blessed with speed, agility and hit power to rival Bobby Wagner, Rob finds the perfect partner for Devin White and adds another sideline to sideline linebacker in the 22-year-old Burrell.

20 Bills – FS, Rashawn Floyd, USC – This is a move for the future but expect Rashawn Floyd to usurp Jordan Poyer, as TO confuses opponents with two free safeties on the field at once. There isn’t much that the Bills need so this is a true luxury pick.

21 Panthers (from Indianapolis) – DT, Marlon Hepburn, Auburn – A true power rusher, Marlon Hepburn comes in and gets to work on this ageing front seven. 

22 Saints – MLB, Nicholas Morency, Liberty – Having missed out on Hassan Reddick to division rivals Atlanta, the Saints pick up the quickest MLB in the class. While his draft stock plummeted due to the talent around at Liberty, Morency showed that his ability to diagnose the play and fly around the field delivering devastating hits makes him the perfect player on this defence.

23 Steelers – RT, Mitch Nicholson, Washington State – An old unit gets some much-needed youth in 21-year-old Mitch Nicholson. Solid in both the run and pass, Dwayne Haskins will be pleased with this pick.

24 Jets (from Seattle) – HB, Wendell Harvin, USF – A surprise pick here but the thunder to Lev Bell’s lightening. With Bell getting on, Harvin offers a change of pace for Oli and allows the Jets to save Lev for the post-season.

25 Chiefs – C, Michael Godwin, Mighigan – Great in the run game, Rhys snags Michael Godwin and kicks him to LG, giving sophomore QB Lee McFadden more protection while getting the best out of Dion Lewis and Damien Williams. 

26 Raiders (from Philadelphia) – LT, Cam Feldman, North Dakota State – Bolstering this 

27 Falcons (from Jets) – RT, Dre Dorsett, Georgia Tech – With a need at guard, Jaden from Accounting kicks Dre Dorsett inside for a year before he moves to LT to replace the outgoing Jake Matthews. 

28 Lions – WR, Courtney Hayden, Arizona State – While this is a large wide receiver room, there isn’t much talent here and Ben looks to add another weapon in Cortney Hayden as he continues to find a way to win a post-season game. Not exactly the quickest, Hayden excels in jump balls and will be excellent for a QB like Marcus Mariota.

29 Texans (from Cincinnati) – RT, Matt Archer, Notre Dame – Le Champion Wayne takes another RT in Matt Archer and kicks him inside, this time to C. Excellent in lead blocking, expect Archer to look to get to the second level as often as possible as Deshaun Watson and Lindsay scamper down the field.

30 Falcons (from Rams) – ROLB, Solomon Lindsey, USF – A 3-4 outside linebacker, Falcons move Solomon Lindsey to defensive end after Takk McKinley disappointed in Atalanta and made an enemy of the front office after his suspension at the end of the season.

31 Panthers – WR, Damarious Sampson, USC – Damarious Sampson walks into a pretty empty wide receiver room and looks to be the guy to take advantage of the double team DJ Moore draws on every play.

32 Texans – RT, Marquis York, Minnesota – Rinse and repeat. Draft RT, kick inside, LG, and protect Watson/open up holes for Lindsay. You know what to do York.