OoH Season 1 Redraft

With the first rookie class of Madden 20 now midway through their sophomore campaign, I wondered whether the owners were happy with their choices. 

The first draft is always the most important, as by the start of season four these players could be franchise cornerstones if you can hit the jackpot.

It’s fair to say there were some great players taken, and sadly some duds, but the question is if we went back and drafted all over again would anything change?  

The exception being the owners would have known then these players true attributes and dev grades.

I went and asked them, and found out…

Here was the Original Top 16

1Richard AldridgeQBMIA81Superstar
2Justin PoundsMLBOAK84X-Factor
3Lorenzo BarnerLTMIA78Normal
4Cal HallLOLBCAR86Superstar
5James GreeneQBJAX81Star
6Keegan NeillLEARI76Normal
7Lee McFaddenQBKC72Star
8Marcus LewisLTKC81Superstar
9Bruce LangleyMLBDEN72Normal
10Darnell ThomasLOLBCLE83X-Factor
11Dwight SandersLOLBTEN74Normal
12Michael PageFSWAS84Superstar
13Shamir O’NeillCBTB80Star
14Cameron SpitzerMLBCHI80Star
15JaWuan StallingsDTDAL84Star
16Drew RaymondLGWAS70Normal

1st Pick – Miami Dolphins (Original Pick- Richard Aldridge QB)

Coach James “Taking Aldridge at the time was a must for the Dolphins as they had no stand out QB. Looking back given the shape of the defense, if I had a re-do I’d have taken Justin Pounds and traded you get the franchise QB I needed”

Originally there was a draft day trade that ensured Dolphins got there franchise QB, would James do the same and get one over on the Raiders. Both players are elite picks who have had great starts to their career

2nd Pick – Oakland Raiders (Justin Pounds LB)

Coach Glyn “It’s hard as the draft day trade (Picks one and two were flipped) doesn’t happen without agreement that Fins go QB. Pounds was number 1 choice and still would be. But with him off the board and Derek Carr costing a cool 22m for the cap strapped Raiders, the decision is made to go youth at QB and free up some room to aggressively improve the roster a year earlier that it happened”

Whichever player Glyn ends up with he cant go wrong. Both are franchise players on offense or defense.

3rd Pick – Miami Dolphins (Lorenzo Barner LT)

Coach James “Having Aldridge go at second I’d now stick with the plan to trade for a QB. I’d still pick an offensive lineman but instead of what I presumed to be a stud in Barner I’d choose Marcus Lewis”

Dolphins took Barner to protect his new QB and the plan was sound. Unfortunately the wrong LT was picked. This rights that wrong and gets the Fins a plug in tackle for the rest of Madden 20.

4th Pick – Carolina Panthers (Cal Hall OLB)

Coach Sam “Cal Hall, fills the hole at linebacker and allows panthers to switch to a 3-4 defence”

Why change from this pick, Hall has already 24 career sacks and bookended opposite Brian Burns will give NFC South QBs nightmares for years to come.

5th Pick – Jacksonville Jaguars (James Greene QB)

Coach Brent “I took the QB Greene with the 5th and wouldn’t change a thing. How he slipped to 5 I’ll never know but I was laughing. Never looked back.”

Jacksonville needed a QB and got one. Foles was never the long-term answer on his salary so Brent took the best one left on the board. A big strong pocket passer, but lack of mobility may be contributing to a lot of sacks. If he can improve on turnovers, Greene could take Jaguars to the playoffs.

6th Pick – Arizona Cardinals (Keegan Neill DE)

Coach Keenan “Darnell Thomas. Due to be the last remaining with X factor and having the aging Chandler Jones. Jones is free agent end of this year too and to be fair my playbook is 43 so Jones didn’t fit my rebuild “

Neill has had a solid start to life in Arizona, but the chance to improve on that pick and take a stud in Thomas would be too hard to resist.

7th Pick – Kansas City Chiefs (Lee McFadden QB)

8th Pick – Kansas City Chiefs (Marcus Lewis LT)

Coach Rhys “OK I’m taking Jamie Blade with my first pick: With actual 2020 Draft selection Chris House unable to hold down a starting job in Kansas City, in a redo of the draft they may have opted to select Jamie Blade here. If for nothing else, this move would have provided the Chiefs with a shutdown corner and save them using a 1st and 2nd Round Pick to trade for Gareon Conley later in the 2020 Season”

“With the second pick I would have taken Lorenzo Barner. With actual selection Marcus Lewis already off the board in this exercise, the Chiefs fill the hole at LT with the next best player on their board for that position. This would mean taking a chance on either Lee McFadden or Jimmy Arnold being on the board in the 2nd round, or alternatively the Chiefs could have waited another season to replace Mahomes by keeping the draft picks they eventually used in trades.”

Rhys overdrafted on McFaddden but would he of been there in the second round, and trading down is hard to do so an understandable selection. He is slowly developing into a good quarterback. To protect him he struck gold on Marcus Lewis.

This time round, taking the speedy man corner Blade is a great pick, and while tackle is still a need, Im surprised he didn’t double down taking on another defensive stud.

9th Pick – Denver Broncos (Bruce Langley LB)

Coach Toffee “My needs were definitely a linebacker but with the benefit of hindsight the superstar dev Wilkerson, who landed in Arizona as a 4th rounder, would have been a much better option over the steady, reliable but ultimately average Langley”

Toffee whiffed on this pick, with Langley ending up on the practice squad at one point, so the chance for a redo and take a far better MLB in Wilkerson is a great choice. For the Cardinals to get him in the 4th is a brilliant steal for them in what was a great draft.

10th Pick – Cleveland Browns (Darnell Thomas OLB)

Coach VJF “I guess Page as I would have been after a safety. I think I took Thomas (an OLB) and he is pretty handy and an x factor player, so it’s not a shock to see someone else take him.”

Browns in the S1 draft took a brilliant linebacker in Thomas who has made that elite D even better, so without him on the board this time round VJF goes for another stud in Page. The Heismann winner surprisingly dropped to the 12thpick, and he has fallen again to 10th in the redraft. Another playmaker for the Browns defense would have the AFC in fits.

11th Pick – Tennessee Titans (Dwight Sanders OLB)

Coach DJ “JaWuan Stallings. Best player in the draft and will be my starting DT from day one.”

Titans had two first round picks, and the latter one was the better selection with Superstar TE Maddison Olsen. Sanders has disappointed in Tennessee so you can see why the Titans would move on from him. 

They choose not to select Olsen earlier but take the 320lb DT Stallings who can anchor that line. Stallings has started for Dallas from day one and made a big impact for them.

12th Pick – Washington Redskins (Michael Page S)

Coach CB “Needed help on secondary, Page was first choice O’Neil was second. Speed height a natural fit in Washington “

Michael Page has been an impact player for the Skins from Day One, and without him on the board choose to take O’Neill. He has all the tools to lock down one side of the field and in a run heavy division, that size will come in handy.

13th Pick – Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Shamir O Neill CB)

Coach Rob “I’ll take Holloway then, Bucs needed secondary help”

Holloway was a third round steal for the 49ers, and is equally skilled in man or zone. A great age for development and already a superstar this player will only get better and better. With O’Neill taken a place before a logical pick for Tampa.

14th Pick – Chicago Bears (Cameron Spitzer)

Coach Pops “I would draft Madison Olsen as a TE with his skills would fit right into my style of offense”

Spitzer has been a safe, solid pick for the Bears, and has made a starting spot his own. But the opportunity to give Truibisky a safety-net tight end, and a great one at that, will really help the Bears offense. 

15th Pick – Dallas Cowboys (JaWuan Stallings DT)

Coach Jimmy “In this scenario, I don’t think id get value taking a position of need so I’d go the best player on the board, take Combs and trade Gallup. That would free some cap room up down the line to allow some flexibility with the roster” 

Dallas were very fortunate that Stallings fell to them at 15, giving them an elite rookie at a position of need. In this scenario most of the great players are off the board so they either overdraft a position of need, or take the best player. So why not take the home-state hero from Texas and make even more money from shirt sales.

16th Pick – Washington Redskins (Drew Raymond G)

Coach CB “The game is won in the trenches and my offensive line needed strengthening”

Redskins needed some help on the Oline, and kept the same formula as the original draft but upgraded with the guard from Arizona 

So there you have the 16 picks redrafted. Any surprises there? My thoughts are I would have expected to see the Panther pass rusher go top as we know how valuable those types of players are. The top players in the class are developing nicely, and by the start of season five Id expect to see a few of these hit the 90 overall mark.