Ooh Season 1 Midseason Review

How things stand

We’ve reached the half way point in season 1 of the originals league and the race is beginning to step up for those prized playoff positions. A couple of surprises currently in playoff contention and some favourites potentially struggling, but it’s still early days of course.

AFC East

Most people expected this to go the way it is at the moment with Kadeem and his Bills in the hunt behind a very strong DJ and his Patriots. TO and Glyn both hampered in their division, one by a road trip and hotel and the other by a mystery man named “Steve”. Much to do still but the Patriots are looking strong and a 4-2 div record and they should have this wrapped up.

AFC West

Hell of a division this one. Al with the Chiefs currently leading the way with a very strong 8-1 record however Rory and Craig with their retrospective Raiders and Chargers close behind both on 6-2. Last but not least, Tom V behind in 4th spot on 2-5. This division potentially the most interesting with a possible 3 playoff teams coming from this one.

AFC North

A mixed bag in this one, SC and Rob leading the way as expected and Michael and James struggling with poor records and looking like it will be a straight out dog fight for the 1 and 2 spot between Rob and SC. SC won the only matchup between them up until this point however Rob seems a changed man of late after cutting that Flacco chap. Interesting fight between these two which could go right to week 17.

AFC South

The titans lead the way currently, but it’s incredibly close with only a game in it between 1st and 4th. The CPU Texans have been the surprise so far with an impressive 4 wins, however Ben returns from his noncing trip this week so this could go either way from here. Andre and his qb draws seemingly can’t win if he’s on his phone so as long as this continues his playoff hopes will continue to fade away.

NFC East

The less said about this one the better. Not a winning record in sight, but the mystery Mr X currently leads the way, closely followed by Big D and his Cowboys who seemingly don’t have a passing offence.

NFC West

Another very good division this one with Oli and his Rams leading the way on 6-1 and an important win over Moose in the bag already. The previously mentioned moose close behind on 6-2 and Wayne on 5-2. Griff and the niners have so far struggled but with that shit show of a roster and tough division to boot, it was always going to be tough to challenge year 1. Another fascinating one to see how this ends up with again, 3 potential playoff teams coming from this division.

NFC North

The greatest division in all of football this one if I don’t say so myself. The rookie Ryan currently shocking the NFC with his lead in the division especially after trading away one of the best players in the game. The Pack lead on 5-2 along with CB and his Lions, also on 5-2 ahead of the Bears on 5-3 L and then JR and his Vikes on 4-4. Another very interesting one in Michael can keep this going or if the expected forces in CB and JR can kick on. Someone is going to be very disappointed to miss the playoffs in year 1 here, and again, could see 1,2 or 3 playoff teams from the North.

NFC South

My preseason favourite to win it all currently leads the way comfortably as Paul and his Buccs charge out to a 7-1 record and a 3 game lead in the division. Aaron going alright here on 4-4 with the Panthers but needs to start picking up more wins if he has any hopes of making the playoffs.


















Power Rankings





Game of the Season –

Chiefs 13 @ 41 Raiders

Described as his worst loss in a long time, Rory really turned some heads here with a comfortable demolition of Al and his Chiefs. Derek Carr went 11-14 for 312 yards and 3 TDs. On the other side of the ball, it was the return of the Mack as Kalil recorded 3 sacks.

Surprise of the Season –

Two contenders for this one. Rory and his Raiders and Ryan and his Packers. Both with winning records in the two toughest divisions so far. Honest Jim paying these pair don’t go all the way as both would make their early season predictions look foolish

Biggest Tanker of the Season –

Few possible winners of this one but I think one shades it. Well done Jerry and your Saints. Some top quality tanking






League Leaders

Rookie Leaders

Honest Jim






As we’ve reached the midway point, the folks at honest Jim have redone their books and provided updated, divisional, conference and SB Winners odds, and can be found below. As always, just message TO with your bets. I have also included account balances. Anyone come end of the season who hasn’t placed a bet is getting kneecapped.


Divisional Odds


Conference Odds

Superbowl Champion

Lee Wallace Updates (High chance any non scots have no idea what this is)










A new feature to our blogs this, every week, Lee will be conducting roster checks and will without hesitation, let the authorities know of anyone failing to meet these simple requirements.

Broncos – 52/53

Browns – 51/53

Cowboys – 52/53

Falcons – 52/53

49ers – 52/53

Giants – 52/53

Jets – 52/53

Packers – 52/53

Ravens – 52/53

Titans – 52/53

Bills – 2Qbs

49ers – 2Qbs

Updated as of 29/09/17


Thanks for reading folks and good luck for the rest of Season 1