OOH Originals Season 3 – A Review so far

As we hit the 2/3rd pole, and the business end of the season begins to come into focus, its about time we review whats come to pass so far and predict whats to come as we move towards another Chargers v 49ers superbowl. We’ll begin with the AFC

AFC East

Miami Dolphins 8 3 0 0.727
New England Patriots 5 5 0 0.500
Buffalo Bills 4 6 0 0.400
New York Jets 1 9 0 0.100

This looks to be Miami’s for the taking. With Buffalo and New England both struggling to find consistency at the quarterback position, Miami have capitalised and hold a comfortable 3 game lead, and in Cornel Ragland, they have the current front runner for the AFCs OROTY. The Patriots are still in the wildcard hunt, whilst the Bills and Jets are looking firmly to the off-season

AFC Noth

Baltimore Ravens 6 4 0 0.600
Cincinnati Bengals 6 4 0 0.600
Pittsburgh Steelers 5 5 0 0.500
Cleveland Browns 5 6 0 0.455

The most competitive division in OOH Football. Any of the four teams could realistically win this division, and will likely result in some epic intra-divisional games in the final weeks of the season. This division will also produce one of the wildcards, with the Bengals currently holding their fate in their own hands.

AFC West

San Diego Chargers 9 1 0 0.900
Oakland Raiders 5 5 0 0.500
Kansas City Chiefs 5 5 0 0.500
Denver Broncos 4 6 0 0.400

No shocks here, the San Diego Chargers are way out in front and will secure a first round bye for the playoffs. The Raiders D is now one of the fiercest in the league and can keep games close. Surely Glyn couldn’t make the playoffs could he?? The Chiefs rookie QB is struggling mightily with turnovers despite putting up plenty of yards, and the Broncos are a streaky side who could come back to challenge for a wildcard come week 17.

AFC South

Tennessee Titans 9 2 0 0.818
Jacksonville Jaguars 8 3 0 0.727
Indianapolis Colts 4 6 0 0.400
Houston Texans 3 7 0 0.300

We all knew Paul’s tanking season was never going to repeat itself, and has capitalised on an easy schedule to lead the division, despite trading away Marcus Mariota. A week 15 showdown with the Jags could decide the fate of the division, with the loser almost certain to secure a wildcard spot.Colts and Texans are now playing for pride


Cornel Ragland – MIAMI
DJ Darche – NY JETS
Kirkland Jeffers – SAN DIEGO
Hunter Hogans – KANSAS CITY
Philip Irwin – TENNESSEE

DeMarco Tolbert – SAN DIEGO
Martin Wilkins – CLEVELAND
Viliami Asiodu – TENNESSEE
Randall McMahon – NEW ENGLAND
Marcus Hester – NY JETS

NFC East

New York Giants 7 4 0 0.636
Philadelphia Eagles 4 6 0 0.400
Dallas Cowboys 4 7 0 0.364
Washington Redskins 3 7 0 0.300

The Giants look to be once again destined for the NFC Sim title, holding a comfortable  3 game lead. If any of the teams around them ever decide to play their games then we could maybe see another outcome, but for now, it looks like the effort put in to play will be rewarded for NY.

NFC North

Detroit Lions 8 3 0 0.727
Chicago Bears 7 3 0 0.700
Minnesota Vikings 4 6 0 0.400
Green Bay Packers 0 11 0 0.000

JR bounces back, the Packers for some reason trade Rodgers to the Lions, a move that forces the owner to flee to back home to Chile until the dust settles, and the Vikings struggling with baby-brain syndrome. This was always likely to be a 2 horse race, and so it has proved. Week 14 these two square off again, with the division title and a bye on the line.

NFC West

San Francisco 49ers 8 2 0 0.800
Seattle Seahawks 8 2 0 0.800
Arizona Cardinals 4 7 0 0.364
Los Angeles Rams 2 7 1 0.250

Seems CB has some competition this year. Jerry is starting to finally show his true form and has his Seahawks breathing down the next of the 49ers. Could we see the heir of SC dethroned this season? With both games played, its down to who can now hold their bottle. Arizona are showing improved signs in what is an incredibly tough division.

NFC South

New Orleans Saints 7 3 0 0.700
Atlanta Falcons 6 3 1 0.650
Carolina Panthers 4 6 0 0.400
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1 10 0 0.091

A year in which the Buccaneers were hoping to mount a challenge has materialised, and instead sees them eyeing up a top three pick in the draft. Due to an injury to the Panthers owner, this looks to be a two horse race between the Saints and Falcons. The week 9 tie v the Rams could come back to haunt the Falcons come week 17, and could cost them both a division title and a wildcard spot


Breon Adkins – CHICAGO
Dwight Heeney – SAN FRANCISCO
Alex Crockett – NEW ORLEANS
Dareon Lester – PHILEDELPHIA
Cornelius Davis – ATLANTA


Sedrick Strahan – CHICAGO
Blake Oakley – ARIZONA
Ivory Kelly – SEATTLE
Deaudrick Swancutt III – ARIZONA
George Bogle – ATLANTA