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Season 5 Mock Draft



Clay Trout – QB

School: LSU | Strengths: Capable of short and intermediate NFL calibre passes.

Trout will be the first pick on the draft, not because of ability, but because of the team drafting. The Raiders sorely need a QB, and Trout is the best available. Expect the Raiders to get Trout some help as they have several other picks to supplement this one.



Louis Couples – DT

School: Ohio State | Strengths: Great pursuit and secures tackle; can shed blocks at ease. 

This was tough. The Bears have holes on their offensive line but Couples is a game changer. 44 reps at the combine displayed his freakish strength; guards and centres will have trouble stopping the highly touted Ohio State product.



Brandon Dada – CB

School: Nebraska | Strengths: Complete lockdown corner

The Jets have serious issues with their offensive line – but there’s no way they pass on Dada. He was a combine warrior with a 4.3 40-yard dash and 26 reps on the bench press – so even if you manage to beat the press, he has the speed to make up for it. Good luck on Dada island next season, AFC East.



Josh Roberts – SS

School: Texas | Strengths: Great closing speed to secure tackle at line of scrimmage; top safety prospect

He is tied on my board with Dada as the top DB prospect in the entire draft. Roberts resembles safeties such as Troy Polamalu – he has an instinct to always be around the football and has the speed to cover the back end of the field – he will love New York.



Fisher Turner – WR

School: Texas A&M | Strengths: Experienced deep threat & runs variety of routes.
The Dolphins ranked 29th on offense and 30th on defense last season. Turner is a burner and is a crisp route runner – he can add a dynamic that QB Brady Fox has not had yet and gives him the chance to bounce back from a horrible 41 interception season.



Tramon Robertson – MLB

School: Alabama | Strengths: Instinctive box tackler capable of shutting down the run

The Bills have a lot of strengths, but they lack a signal caller on defense. The only MLB on their roster currently is Paul Stroud and with no movement in free agency, the next step is to take Robertson and ensure the middle of the field is secure for years to come.



Tyrone Faggins – WR

School: Michigan St. | Strengths: Streaky outside threat capable of beating the press 

Faggins doesn’t exactly pop when you watch him on film – he is able to take the top off a defense but his true strength lies in his ability to read a coverage and adjust on the fly. The Steelers have a history of taking receivers and succeeding, it’s the same old story here.



Houston Paulk – C

School: Louisville | Strengths: Exceptional athlete capable of playing across the line

The Raiders are back at pick 8 and they waste no time in securing the best offensive line prospect in the draft. Paulk put up lofty numbers at the combine and is a mean, inside blocker who loves contact. He will need to work on his pass blocking to protect the number one pick in the draft however.



George Flores – OLB

School: Nebraska | Strengths: Consistent box tackler capable of being a 3 down linebacker 

The Seahawks were ranked in the bottom 5 for rushing yards allowed on defense last season. To make matters worse, they were just outside the bottom 5 for passing yards allowed. Flores is a 3 down linebacker, capable of playing against the run and pass on a consistent basis with the motor to play at a high level.



Dixon Weatherington – MLB

School: USC | Strengths: Exceptional at disrupting the run 

Weatherington showed his athletic talent at the combine, putting up numbers that are sure to make defensive co-ordinators around the NFL drool with ways Weatherington could be schemed into their defense. His only knock is that he is slightly undersized for the position and he didn’t run the fastest 40 at the combine.



Todd Hollis – C

School: Oklahoma | Strengths: Capable of run blocking at an NFL level immediately 

The second-best prospect at offensive line comes off the board at 11. The Pack ranked in the bottom 5 for rushing yards last season – Hollis changes that immediately. Prepare for 2nd year back Rodnell Lamontagne to run wild next season.



Carroll Mullins – CB

School: LSU | Strengths: Solid across the board, intelligent ballhawk 

Mullins may be the surprise pick at 12 here. At the combine he was lacklustre with many NFL scouts disappointed at his lack of athleticism. However, Mullins’ film is highly regarded and he certainly passes the eye test. A lack of depth in other areas of the draft helps him and he goes to the Browns at 12.



Stecolian Peterson – DT

School: Stanford | Strengths: Nose tackle prospect who can start immediately.

The Raiders return with their third first round pick. Peterson is an NFL-ready nose tackle capable of stuffing runs at the line of scrimmage. He tied Louis Couples with 44 reps at the NFL combine – in case that doesn’t show how strong he is – since 1998, only 18 men have gone over 40 reps.



Leandre Tanner – TE

School: Nebraska | Strengths: Mismatch prospect with wide catch radius

The Rams underachieved last season – it can’t be avoided. This is a playoff calibre roster that should and could go all the way this season. Tanner will be an awkward mismatch in the middle of the field – his size and strength makes him a dual threat TE, capable of run blocking and catching in traffic across the middle of the field.



Ono Newell – WR

School: Tennessee | Strengths: Slot receiver capable of hurting teams over the middle 

Newell will remind NFL fans everywhere of Julian Edelman. His numbers didn’t pop off at the combine but he is a scrappy, slot receiver with an amazing work ethic. Newell will thrive on one-on-one matchups with Michael Thomas playing on the outside.



Rashaud Melvin – HB

School: Florida | Strengths: Pass catching back capable of splitting out wide

Melvin and the Eagles are a match made in heaven. He displayed lightning fast speed at the combine along with a freakishly high vert & broad jump. With Streets on the perimeter and Gronk/Ertz in the middle, Melvin is likely to have a mismatch all season long.



Long Onobun – FS

School: Louisville | Strengths: Capable of playing mid field but isn’t afraid of coming up to tackle in the box 

Okay, let’s address the elephant in the room – Onobun decided to not participate in the combine. We get it, it’s a red flag – but Onobun has too much talent to slide any further. Richard Sherman isn’t getting any younger and the Lions will be delighted that Onobun falls to them at 17.



Berry Gaiter – DE

School: Montana | Strengths: Sets the edge well in the run 

The Falcons have a roster capable of making playoffs this season – having looked over their roster they lack two key areas: at the edge and in the middle of the field defensively. Top prospects Weatherington and Robertson will be gone by 18 – Gaiter will rotate with Vic Beasley in his first of many NFL seasons.



Heston Elliot – CB

School: LSU | Strengths: Sneaky athletic prospect that jams well at line of scrimmage 

Yes, I know, the Texans have a talented DB core. And yes, I know, they have areas of need elsewhere. But if Elliot slips to 19 then he is the perfect nickel corner for this Texans defense. He isn’t the fastest but he is a physical corner who will shed blocks to make tackles in the run game.



Jorian Hilton – HB

School: Miami | Strengths: Power back capable of running over defenses 

This is a combination of a lacklustre Broncos running attack & Hilton sliding. There is a lot of focus on the 40-yard dash at the combine and Hilton, with a 4.61, did not impress. But that’s okay, because it’s not his game. He will run up the gut, put his head down and plough through defenders.



Keithen Buggs – MLB

School: Nebraska | Strengths: Athletic box tackler capable of playing 1st/2nd down 

Buggs is arguably more talented than NFL prospects Tramon Robertson and Dixon Weatherington. However, his character issues and lack of consistent motor is a cause for concern. He is simply too talented to slide out of the first, and the Patriots love to coach up players with character issues.



Andrew Garcia – WR

School: N’western St. | Strengths: Slot receiver capable of mismatches in middle of field

Garcia will fit the Cowboys identify in a run-first offense. His combine numbers weren’t record-breaking but he had a sneaky fast 40-yard dash and on film he runs some really sweet short to intermediate routes. With the Cowboys play-action game, expect Garcia to get open as teams continue to stack the box versus Zeke.



Fernando Carrie – LT

School: East Carolina | Strengths: Versatile lineman who excels at run blocking 

This is a need-pick, more than anything else. The Vikings are primed for a playoff push if they can find that last missing piece on the offensive line. Carrie is capable of playing across the line, both on the outside at tackle and in the interior. Don’t be surprised if he makes the switch to the inside to help the Vikings.



Brian Boulware – HB

School: Stanford | Strengths: Dual threat back capable of staying on the field for all 3 downs 

Boulware gets picked up by the Bears at 24. He dazzled at the combine with his speed and agility in drills, although curiously, didn’t perform as well as expected in the bench press. This has led some NFL scouts to believe that he won’t be able to handle the transition to NFL-level contact but only time will tell for Boulware.



Jorge Roberson – DE

School: Penn | Strengths: Disrupter edge rusher capable of 8-10 sacks a season. 

The Raiders final pick in Round 1 gives them a chance to reinforce a defensive line that had 34 sacks total last season.



Gabe Ashmore – CB

School: Florida | Strengths: Scrappy nickel corner capable of playing vs run 

Ashmore displayed mediocre times at the combine but suits the Cardinals zonal scheme. He won’t need the flatline speed to keep up in man coverage and he will be able to make plays on the inside with Tavaris Ray and Patrick Peterson on the perimeter.



Jose Drake – OLB

School: N.C. State | Strengths: Underrated box tackle capable of starting immediately. 

The rich get richer. Donta Hightower is on the decline and Jose Drake is the perfect replacement.



Javaris Hogan – FS

School: Miami | Strengths: Rangy free safety who will dominate mid field

Hogan will immediately slot into a Titans defense who are in desperate need of an enforcer. Hogan is sneaky fast, put up respectable rep numbers at the combine and lays the BOOM on tape.



Trevor Wooden – MLB

School: Fresno State | Strengths: Athletic linebacker capable of playing inside or outside. 

Wooden gives the Buccs the option of transitioning to OLB if needed. He was the second fastest & strongest MLB at the combine and would strengthen an otherwise light linebacker core.



Demetrius Stover – WR

School: Michigan | Strengths: Deep threat that can develop over time

Stover disappointed at the combine which has caused him to slide on boards across the NFL. However, the Chargers have talent everywhere on their roster and it’s difficult to see them pass up on the opportunity to take Stover.



Dwayne Justin – LT

School: Arkansas | Strengths: Strong, fast and versatile lineman 

The runners-up take Justin and move him inside to anchor a depleted offensive line.



Myles Morris – CB

School: Tennessee | Strengths: Nickel corner capable of slotting in on passing downs 

Whilst the Superbowl champs are seeking a new head coach they steal Morris at 32 much to the delight of their fans.