OOH Madden Championship Rules and Information

  1. All games must be played using League settings, but with the Game  Quarter Length set to 8 minutesTeam Selection will follow these guidelines
  • Players must use Random Random Random Death to choose their teams, that is, each player must press “Random Team” 3 times, and then either choose one of those teams, or gamble and be stuck with the team selected on the 4th press of “Random Team”
  • Players cannot use the same team twice in the tournament, except in the Final where this restriction is lifted.
  • If a player hits a team they have already used when they click “Random Team”, they cannot use that team, and must click Random Team again.

2. All games must be streamed (the streaming service you use is your choice) by at least one player and the link to the stream must be posted in the Bantz chat

3. All games must be played under OOH Madden League Rules and etiquette guidelines! These can be found here: http://nfloutofhours.com/2017/08/23/gameplay-etiquette/