OOH a week in review

Its been a quieter week than previous here at OOH Towers which isn’t  always a bad thing but lets have a look at what a few teams have been up to this week


First we’re going to concentrate on the high flying Cleveland Browns or should I say the former high flyers. the Browns are on a 2 game skid,  the first game at the hands of a very very pass heavy Texans with Deshaun Watsonhaving a near perfect game 28/31  379 yards and a belting 4 TDs to 0 INTS but it seems the CPU didn’t get the memo about not being a dick and only made 14 rush attempts for 11 yards.  SC  seems himself could not get the run game going with Crowell having a game long run of ten but still only managing 4 total yards.  His next loss campout the hands of VFJ and his Titans in a very rare SC shutout ending 19-0, and to add insult to injury Jimmy G picked up an injury which could see him out for an extended time, The Titans Defence certainly did their job with 2 interceptions and 3 sacks on the day.


Now we go on the the young pup of the league and thats the Oakland Rorys who had  a tough week with 2 divisional games and first up was the Chargers with a trip to the black hole.  The Chargers were without stud RB Melvin Gordon for this one but little did  that matter as Recently acquired Theo Riddick had himself a day going for 167 yards but  it was the experience of the vet Craig that pulled him through with user MLB Jones snagging 2 picks and setting up a game winning FG 17-1 4 LAC.  With no time to lick his wounds the Raiders are straight back at it with another home game from Al and his speed doesn’t matter speedy defence.  it was a case of play you at your own game  for Rory as speedster WR John Brown had himself a day 5 catches 2 TDs and 196 yards but poor craig could not get much going with Mahomes going 8/16 with the biggest highlight being Tyreek Hill going 71 yards the house.  This one finished 41-13 to the Raiders

Next up we have to speak about Americas team the Dallas Cowboys who after a 0-5 start really needed to pull their socks up, enter Griff.  After much speculation about the play callng in Dallas and his ability to throw Dak had a point to prove so he came out slinging hitting 12/14 for 148 yards and no TD or Int while hitting 7 different players along the way, but it was a case of the O line again as Big Zeke had himself 86 yards and 1 TD and D McFadden went for 60 yards and a TD.  With the Dallas secondary living up to its hype the 49ers benched Hoyer in favour of Matt Barkley who only threw 6 passes but still finished with 147 yards and a pair of touchdowns.  Cowboys win 23-19 #ScrewYouJR.  The next game for the ‘Boys is arguably the biggest game of the year so far now being 1-5 the face the division leading 3-3  Redskins.   After last weeks display Dak was keen to carry on with the kind of ball security that wins championships but no the idiot threw 3 interceptions again but it wasn’t all doom and Gloom as Mr X and Kirk cousins wasn’t letting me have all the fun with Kirk throwing a pick 6 and a fumble on a KR allowing the cowboys to get a scoop 6 being the big difference maker on the day.  29-16 cowboys

A quick plane takes us to the sunny skies of Mexico city Indianapolis.  The Mexican has taken a step back from the chats as of late and that seems to have improved his performances ten fold as he pumped up the jam until it popped putting 41 points on him with the much maligned FA pick up Joe Flacco 193 yards, 3 TDs, 0 ints and only 2 missed passes, but it was the defence that was a difference maker here Aaron Rodgers had serious case of colour blindness throwing the ball no less than 6 times into the wrong hands 41-28, up next is also his 2nd divisional game of the week and thats the BS Jaguars.  it seems there more than one Mack in this league as rookie running back Marlon Mack had a coming out party nabbing himself a pair of touchdowns giving Andre the win 24-14 leaving the Colts and Titans 0n 4-3 with very little breathing space (groan) as the Jags and Texans both sit 3-4

Our last focus of the week is my best pal and NHL friend for life is Paul and the Buccs.  The undefeated Buccs take a trip to a very topsy turvy Cardinals team who at one point or another all 53 men on the roster have been on the trade block.  with the trade away of Winston the burden falls on the rookie Webb who today just couldn’t get going completing less than 50% of passes thrown and muscle hamster Doug Martin could not find a gap as this Cards D swamped all game hitting Webb with a nasty 6 sacks.  for the Cards it was a case of rolling back the clock as CJ2K decided to make a comeback notching 121 yards 2 Tds on only 13 carries Cards win 30-13.  after his winning streak has been broken Paul has a bee in his bonnet and the guy who will be feeling the brunt of that is Kadeem and the Buffalo Bills.  After last weeks horror show Webb needs to prove a point that he is what this franchise needs slinging 3 TDs and only 1 INT but it was his rushing game that was the difference maker where 5 different players had a rush so Kadeem wasn’t sure where the run was even coming from.  The D was fierce as it kept the Bills RZ trips to zero points on the way to a 35-7 win for Paul.

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Much Love Big D xx