23rd January 2020

O.O.H Live

Looking for somewhere to join fellow fans for the big game next weekend, Can’t make it a party (or can and want to be the unsociable one) Come and join us in our O.O.H live chat, all this week in the lead up and during the game share opinions and predictions for the big one.

‘What do I need to do’

  1. Download the slack app it’s completely free.
  2. Join the chat room by using the link below.

By clicking the link you agree to

  1. Treat other members with respect.
  2. Post only content relating to the NFL/CFL/College Ball and XFL
  3. Refrain from posting NSFW content
  4. Refrain from adding repeated posts about the same subject
  5. Respect Moderators decisions
  6. Keep the chat a troll free zone.

If you agree, click the link below and come and join the fun.

Join O.O.H Live