NFC Race to the Playoffs

Race to the Playoffs

NFC Edition

NFC East

Despite one of the teams have a 2-10 record, bizarrely all 4 teams are mathematically in with a chance of making the playoffs. That said the Redskins currently sit atop the division and I can’t see that changing. The Cowboys currently sit 2 games back, but with 4 road games it’s going to be hard to see them come out on more than two of those. The Giants will be disappointed in how their seasons gone, especially when you consider how well Webb is doing in Tampa. Expect the Eagles to bounce back next year.


Winner: Redskins

NFC South

The Buccs have looked strong all year, questions marks were raised when the owner allowed Winston to leave but Webb has quickly established himself as a potential great. One more win clinches the division and based on current form, that shouldn’t be an issue. The Panthers are hunting down a coveted wildcard spot, but will likely have to win out to do so. The Saints and Falcons have struggled all season however based on the history of both owners expect this division to be a lot tougher next year.


Winner: Buccaneers

NFC North

The toughest division in football, 3 games is all that splits top from bottom and this is another that could go down to the wire. 2 more wins would cling it for the Lions and based on recent form I’d say that’s a given. That leaves the Packers, Bears and Viking jostling for a wildcard position. Thankfully there are a couple of divisional games left for each team, so there’s still plenty to play for. The Vikings have a 1 game advantage over the Bears and Packers and that’s how I see it finishing.


Winner: Lions

Wildcard: Vikings

NFC West

Since returning from bye week the Cardinals have been in great form winning 5 straight games. Although there are no ‘easy’ game the schedule is certainly kind to them for the remainder of the season. Depending on other results don’t be surprised to see them playing back ups week 16 onwards (no mind games here). The Seahawks and Rams are left chasing a wild card spot and a Week 15 showdown could seal it. The 49ers have a bad record on paper, but don’t let the box score fool you. A good draft for this owner and all will be to play for in this division next year.


Winner: Cardinals

Wildcard: Seahawks