New York, New York

A season review By Brent M.

Following an off season shake up to the roster the Giants were hoping season 3 would be their chance at immortality. Following a season 2 debacle at Buffalo, the kicker was replaced, although his agent has called the whole incident into question and asked the question – Who pulled the plug?

In came new starting safeties with Andre Hal moving to CB due to inept drafting by the front office. Cam Newton was signed in a deal that was heralded by the league as long overdue – mainly due to the fact it saw Olivier Vernon’s contract finally taken off the books. Aaron Rodgers had originally been slated to fill the QB1 position, but Roger Goodell vetoed the trade, claiming that the Giants would be unstoppable with him in NY City. Rodgers ended up at the crosstown rival Jets at half the price…….

The Giants drafted a LT at 9th overall but after he arrived in the building it was apparent there were development issues, and this may have been a wasted pick. Also drafted was a speedy WR in the 4th round who immediately asked, “What time does the WR cruise leave this year?”

In Week 1 the Giants lost to Baker and the Browns with Baker claiming, “that Hue Jackson would be a better coach than that idiot”. In week 2 the Cardinals QB and RB were practically perfect, and the Giants fought hard to lose a close one 41-3. Odell said in the press conference –

Cam Newton got injured in week 3 and the fans breathed a sigh of relief. Kyle Laletta led the team to a week 4 victory over the Bears with the Giants front office asking – “why didn’t anyone tell us Kyle was serviceable?” Weeks 5 & 6 were losses to average teams (Falcons & Cowboys)

Week 7 saw an impressive win over the division rival Eagles with the front office claiming, “the playoffs are possible!”. After the bye the week 9 opponents Seattle saw off this delusion.

Week 10 yielded a draw with both teams having technical issues which developers found amusing. Week 11 saw the Giants lockdown John “streaks” Ross but left his teammate Joe Mixon to punch it in. The Giants crumbled to 2-7-1.

When Cam left the game injured again Kyle Laletta nearly stole the match from the Steelers, but Leveon Bell’s 2 TD performance ended up being the difference. Week 13 saw division rivals, the Redskins and Jameis Winston. The Redskins were looking for a win to stay in playoff contention and this saw Winston’s true colour shine. Jameis threw for 5 interceptions as the Giants secondary chanted “Give us another one Jameis!” Jameis is still not sure what happened.

Alvin Kamara tore the Giants a new hole in week 14 with one coach overheard asking “Since when did that guy from Migos start playing football?”. A Week 15 rematch against the Redskins saw Jameis get his revenge thanks to Cam fumbling with the game on the line although neither team looked like they were Elite division material.

The run in sees the 3-10-1 Giants play the Rams and the Cowboys, both of which look like they are heading to the playoffs, so the chances of moving up the draft board is good. Front office still believes in Cam newton leading the team, although Kyle Laletta has been quoted as saying, “I could win every game if they gave me a chance”

And thats its, at least next season Ill be undefeated again!