Mr Popular

So the other day I asked the question – who’s the biggest **** in the forum. I hope you all took it in the spirit it was intended. We throw the word around a lot and I just wanted to take a second to say thank you. To everyone. This really is more than league. Consider for a moment, the countless hours the commissioners put in to ensure we can have somewhere to play, the guys at Honest Jims coming up with odds for everything you can think of, Wayne running trades and loads loads more help in and around. We have so much debate, and occasional disagreement, we often lose sight of the fact we all turn up nearly every single day and engage. We say “in real life” sometimes, but this is real life. I can’t think of other friends I’ve spoken to every day for the last 3 years… shared holiday pictures… one of the first places I told i’d gotten engaged.

So thank you. Heres the list – remember every single one of us plays a role;


The golden boy has only gone and done it. Officially, Mr Popular. Now time for bed.



First surprise – and not because he’s said anything mean – he just hasn’t said much! Well, apart from f**k Hundley.


The self deprecation with regards to the NFC East worked a treat. One of few people who can win a division and still be voted a nice guy.



The weird and wonderful Daly makes people smile most days so no surprise here.



Testament to this guy that he can make the top 5 as a commissioner. The ying to CBs yang.



Too nice to be a bookmaker in real life, even with his little digs with emoji winks he makes the top 10 easily.



I think this is purely out of pity based on recent madden performances.



Our second big surprise. I guess no matter how much he moans, we know hes got our best interests at heart. Basically like your mum. Unless you’re Rory cause hes not gorgeous.



Doesn’t chat much so we’re heading into what i call “quiet patch” in the ratings.



Don’t think he’s every argued with anyone, so not surprised to see top 10. Probably lost a couple of places just out of beating people at the game.



Measure of the man that he’s full of bantz and happy to call someone out yet still makes it near the top 10. Loves a nug.



Selfie gate nearly cost us this hidden gem. Recent chat has been top notch, unlike his play at madden.



Taken losing in his first season proper like an absolute champ.



Probably has the highest c**t word typed to total word typed ratio in the entire league. Most probably voted middle as they dont know who he is.



When he’s not watching Preston, he’s watching Bayern Munich. And when he’s not doing that he’s studying Phil Scolari’s tactical notes. Somewhere between finds time to boss madden. Which is impressive to be at 15 when he’s no doubt handed a few people their asses.



Definition of a quiet one, so no surprise to be middle of the pack



First season for Kadeem, can never tell whether he’s joking or entirely serious. Best job ever, coolest man alive, humble as. Don’t let that fool you. Another one that people don’t know yet, hence middle of the pack.



Must have pissed some people off being trade commissioner, no other reason, well apart from Al’s vote.



Another quiet one, unless he’s moaning about “another” loss – disappears for a celebration when he wins.



Manages to be as moany as Moose but in a quieter way



As the dark overlord, never shy to have an opinion and dagger hopes and dreams – this is more popular than I thought.



End of the middle ground, gone quiet this season at the same time as getting a bird…



People don’t like losing Rob, especially to MUT plays.



Surprise with the order of the veet boys! Craig is clearly the most outspoken, but its unclear whether the constant asking silly questions (like wheres the spreadsheet) is getting votes or is endearing?



Theres a few things people hate. Moaning, arguing, losing. Most of all, they hate shit internet and CPU’ing. Sort it out Ben.



Pretty sure he voted himself up the list. Always the first to respond to questions to the commissioners and put someone on auto. Loves to play the bad guy but a big softy.



They also hate simming and being the most difficult person to arrange games with, ever*



*whos not called Alastair.






No longer a newbie it seems like theres no excuses for QB drawgate.



Apparently, he’s still waiting for a message from the Falcons for game 1 of Madden 17 but hes the home team so he’s not budging.



Split personality Al. Either on top of the world, usually after a win, or hates everything and everyone. Wouldn’t change you for the world trollster.



Too many incidents to name. Fine for 90% of the season, then has 2 games a year that are like Chernobyl. “SCORE ON ME”gate stands out.



Was never in doubt was it? But that said, never out the chat for long, makes things interesting and Moose would be bored without someone always willing to take the opposite point of view on just about everything.



Love you all