Mock Draw 1.0

With the live draw in Preston less than 2 weeks away me and the mrs, with the help of our draw buddy (pictured below) and complete with team doodles, thought we’d do a mock draw to see how it goes. The seeded groups were done off my own estimates and are not the final groups!!!

Division Team Player
NFC East Dallas Cowboys James
New York Giants Jerry
Philadelphia Eagles Mr X
Washington Redskins Epone
NFC North Chicago Bears DJ
Detroit Lions Chris R
Green Bay Packers Rory
Minnesota Vikings Hit The Sticks
NFC South Atlanta Falcons VFJ
Carolina Panthers Daly
New Orleans Saints Griff
Tampa Bay Buccaneers Wayne
NFC West Arizona Cardinals ScottishChamp
Los Angeles Rams Jamaal
San Francisco 49ers Paul
Seattle Seahawks Kadeem
AFC East Buffalo Bills Moose
Miami Dolphins Rob
New England Patriots JR
New York Jets CB
AFC North Baltimore Ravens Aaron
Cincinnati Bengals Jimmy
Cleveland Browns TO
Pittsburgh Steelers Kev
AFC South Houston Texans Rhys
Indianapolis Colts Prime
Jacksonville Jaguars Michael
Tennessee Titans Glyn
AFC West Denver Broncos Craig
Kansas City Chiefs Tom V
Los Angeles Chargers Andre
Oakland Raiders Phil G

The draw was carried out the same way it will be done in Preston and completely at random, so don’t come crying to me if you don’t like it.

May the odds be ever in your favour…