Mock Draft Season 3

Pick No. 1 – Green Bay Packers

Tre Thrash, LOLB, Texas

The Packers will take advantage of another early pick to add pass rusher Thrash to their young LB group. Thrash sheds blocks easily off the line of scrimmage and has elite pace to get to the QB quickly. Also known for his good defensive brain, Thrash will also help in closing down the dangerous running games of the Packer’s divisional rivals.

Pick No. 2 – Tennessee Titans

Rob Copeland, QB, Oregon

The Titans will build on an already successful season by locking down their new franchise quarterback in Rob Copeland out of Oregon. 22 year old Copeland has time to grow his skills to match his power and surprising agility in the pocket.

Pick No. 3 – Washington Redskins

Evander Knox, CB, Alabama

The Redskins will add an elite talent to their secondary by selecting Evander Knox at 3. Known for his man coverage skills, the rapid Knox has the potential to be a lockdown corner on his preferred left side of the field.

Pick No. 4 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Riley Jansen, MLB, Auburn

Picking at 4 after a surprisingly poor season, the Buccs will strengthen on the defensive side of the ball by selecting Riley Jansen at MLB. The athletic Jansen weighs in at 245 and is known to hit like a tracked motorised vehicle.

Pick No. 5 – Carolina Panthers

Tyrell Council, LG, Oregon

Carolina will make protecting Cam Newton their priority in the off-seaon by selecting combine standout Council with pick 5. Council has shown the possible pass blocking skills and smarts to move to LT and may start there for the Panthers.

Pick No. 6 – Philadelphia Eagles

Marquise Florence, MLB, Notre Dame

Having big gaps in a number of major positions on a thin roster, the Eagles will start the rebuild by choosing Marquise Florence out of Notre Dame. The tall MLB goes side to side with ease and shuts down the run game with thumping hits. Florence also has an enormous reach and covers well in the passing game at 6’3”.

Pick No. 7 – Oakland Raiders

Derek Iloka, CB, Southern Miss

The Raiders will select a defensive talent for the 412th consecutive draft and will add to their secondary with Derek Iloka from Southern Miss. A skilful zone corner with decent top end speed, 22 year old Iloka has bags of potential.

Pick No. 8 – Arizona Cardinals

Antuan Foote, LE, Texas A&M

One of the most improved teams of last season, the Cards will continue their renaissance by adding powerful defensive end Antuan Foote from Texas A&M. Foote has surprising agility for a power rusher and is fast off the line.

Pick No. 9 – Buffalo Bills

Drew Kinney, QB, Miami

The Bills will aim to make use of their sickening talent at WR by selecting Drew Kinney at 9. Known for an accurate deep ball, Kinney stands tall in the pocket and will deliver strikes downfield to Watkins and Huntley.

Pick No. 10 – Denver Broncos

Pearson Warfield, LE, Stanford

The Broncos will add the talented Warfield to their defensive line. Fast and agile, Warfield is likely to move to LOLB to fit in to the Broncos already talented group.