Mock Draft 1.1

Written by Chris R

#1 – Arizona Cardinals

James Maslowski – DE – San Diego State

Cardinals could really use a pass rusher and they can get that with Maslowski. Hes not the quickest in a straight line but hes got good acceleration and agility and to top it off he had a monster of a bench press leading all DEs
He can give the cardinals that extra bit of pressure when rushing the passer which they desperately need.

#2 – Denver Broncos

Anthony Senn – QB – Ole Miss

What can this guy not do. A bonafied stud. Hes tall so absolutely perfect for Denver, hes lighting quick and he can turn on a button. Not only that but hes strong. This is the guy to lead Denver going forward.

Not only does he have the physical attributes, but hes got the talent to match. This can can be the face of the Broncos going forward and really help them push for a division title.

#3 – New England Patriots

JaMichael Jackson – CB – North Dakota State

The best corner in the draft going to the greatest franchise in the history of the NFL. Jackson is a stud. Quick, agile and strong, and not to forget talented. The pats have plenty holes on the roster so could look to make a move down but this guy would certainly be an excellent addition to the roster.

#4 – Minnesota Vikings

Nathan LaFleur – G – Wisconsin

Tough selection here. as they could go a couple places. Its an ageing roster but with LaFleur they get a run blocking god. This guy will be 30 yards down the feild still making blocks for Dalvin Cook. Quick, agile and strong with A stats accross the board the Vikings cant go wrong with LaFleur at 4

#5 – Oakland Raiders

Greg Arkin – DE – Boston

Raiders heed pass rush and Arkin gives them plenty of that. At 6ft 3 and 274 with tremendous speed, he’ll be hunting down the other qbs in the AFC west.

Could also see the Raiders trading down in the hope of filling an extra hole but they could get a great player in Arkin if they draft the speedster.

#6 – LA Rams

Jeffrey Towns – CB – Ohio

The other premier corner will fall to the Rams. They have been actively shopping Marcus Peters this off season and leveraging Elite punter Hecker as part of a package.

Towns had a great draft day. He has above average straight line speed and hes as agile as anything. Hes also mighty strong and boy can he jump. Not only on top of that hes got excellent zone coverage skills. This guy is going to be elite and the rams are in a great spot to take him here

#7 – Detroit Lions

Lincoln Tucker – LB – Michigan State

Tucker can be special. A superb combine and backed up by excellent stats, this can can be an excellent coverage linebacker.

Could also see the lions trading down here or go for help at oline

#8 – Seattle Seahawks

Juan Hodges – WR – Wisconsin

The second badger to go in the top 10. A great talent with both stats and combine to back him up. A partner for DK Metcalf and the pair could terrorise the division for a long time

#9 – Dallas Cowboys


#10 Houston Texans

Dominique Burnett – LB – LSU

A no brainer. The Texans are short in the linebacker department and Burnett can be a day 1 starter for the Texans. This guy will scare the crap out of opposition receivers and running backs with his hit power ability. Could become a dominant force in this Houston side.