Madden tips for Beginners or People who just are not very good. By Karen Simmonds

These tips aren’t going to turn you into a 16-0 player over night. But hopefully, implementing some of suggestions into your gameplay helps you to pick up an extra few wins per season.
Madden really isn’t a complex game.

Practice, Practice, Practice
There’s 32 people in Original League. There’s other guys in Gameday and MyTeam. You can’t expect to improve at a game playing 2/3 times a week.
Not everyone likes playing strangers online due to the cheese. But asking people in the Madden OOH community for a friendly can only help you.
Plenty of people have come from MUT backgrounds and have grinded 100s of games online, honing and perfecting their gameplay.

If you come from playing CPU franchises, even if you have 100s of seasons under your belt, nothing can prepare you for playing another human.
Message someone who you think is of a similar playing level to you and play some extra games a week, keeping you on your toes and in the zone.
At the same time, test yourself. You will only get better playing people who are better than you, forcing you to up your game and rise to the person you are playing.

See if they are willing to work on a certain aspect of your game. Struggling to score points? Play a 60 minute game and have your opponent punt the ball back to you when they are on offence, meaning you get multiple opportunities to develop an offensive scheme without worrying about taking Ls.

And to improve on defence? Jump online. It’s horrible. Nasty. Cheesy. But seeing what these people are running and learning how to stop it will make playing in a league with rules becomes so much easier.
Or I guess you could see if someone in one of the many leagues will run offensive plays against you but getting out of your comfort zone and testing yourself against the worldwide Madden community has some benefits.

Watch Others
I get that not everyone is able to tune in to every game that is streamed but where possible, especially players in your division, ‘scout’ them.
Everyone has tendencies, even the best, and having an idea what your opponent likes to do on 3rd down, be it long or short, will give you a better chance of getting crucial stops.
Plus watching players better than you will give you a good idea of what works and what doesn’t.
I highly recommend finding a Youtuber to watch. Not for ‘money plays’ but to see what the pros do. Do they run the same playbook as you and use routes and concepts you haven’t thought about?
Watching others can only improve your game.

Don’t be predictable
With that being said, if you are watching others it means others are watching you and they have made a mental note of what you do.
If you like to run slants on the goal line or on 3rd down you have a go-to play and your first read is the same guy, someone will have remembered – especially if you do it in the same game.
Plus, your stats give everything away. If your WR1 has 15 more receptions than the next guy, immediately people know what’s where the ball is going and he’s the person that will be usered the most.

Learn your playbook
Yes, I know I just said don’t be predictable. But going into games blind and not knowing where plays are is stupid.
Have a plan. Have 5-6 plays for the most common downs and situations.
What do you want to run on 3rd and short? What works best, for you, on 3rd and long?
What gives you the most success in the red zone?
Having multiple plays gives you an air of unpredictability – just make sure you use all of the plays and not get fixated on 1 or 2.

Get off the D-line
This is a hard one given they have nerfed users and there’s no pass rush. But usering one route still has it’s advantages, especially if you have done your homework and you have a rough idea where the ball is going.
Taking away that route, that player, could be the difference between an interception and your opponent gaining a first down which leads to a touchdown a few players later.
While Madden has nerfed users, they can still wreak havoc and taking the game out of the CPUs hands and into yours is only going to improve your game in the long run.

Know your formations
To this day, coming out in nickel or dime when your opponent is in I-Form, strong, or singleback is asking for trouble.
Yes, defences can stop the run with 6 DBs on the field but you give yourself a better chance of doing it if you are in your base defence or a 4-4, 5-2, 4-6 defence.
The flip side, if your opponent is in shotgun and you are coming out in base, don’t be surprised when your defence is giving up huge gains on passing plays.
The last thing you want is try and stop 3WRs and a TE with 2LBs with speed under 85.
Some people are comfortable passing under centre and if it’s 3rd and long and your opponent is in a 2 TE, 2WR set, they may be passing and trying to catch you in base defence – that’s where some common sense kicks in and you play the percentages.

Know when a play is dead
Sometimes it’s best to throw the ball away then force it downfield into triple coverage.
If your first and second read is shut down and you’ve got a WR on a streak, heaving it up to him isn’t always the best choice, especially if there’s a safety over the top.
You may think it’s a 50/50 ball, even 70/30 in your favour. But Madden finds a way to give the DB magical powers and we’ve all seen even the worst CBs Moss your best WR.
Or thinking you can get the throw off with a defender in your face. This new throw out of sack animation has it’s advantages but also plenty of downfalls and that feeble throw we are now seeing when a QB tries to get the ball out at the last second is now leading to easy interceptions for defences.
Throwing the ball away is sometimes your best option.

Always have a check down
This doesn’t mean always throw to the HB. But if your play art has everyone running 10, 15, 20 yards down the field and you have no-one underneath, you’re asking to get sacked.
Having a slant or drag on the field every few plays not only distracts the user but if nothing is open downfield and your WR is having a beer in the flats all alone, use him and pick up a few yards.
Like the previous tip, learn to live for another down.

Stay in the pocket
This is an odd one but the amount of times a player, on purpose or accidentally, starts moving back and to the side is doing you more harm than good.
For starters, if you are dropping back 10 yards further than the play intends, your 10 yard passes are becoming 20 yards, your 30 yard route now needs your QB to throw for 40.
If the throw power and accuracy aren’t there, don’t be shocked when the ball hits the ground or you end up chasing an opposing DB who is taking the ball back towards your end zone.
Then there’s moving to the side. If you roll to the right, you have halved the field and everyone on the left is now useless. If the play has everyone running in that direction then fine, roll out.
But only when the pocket collapses.
First of all, you are giving defenders the opportunity to disengage easier and sack you.
Second, roll out of a clean pocket over and over again and expect a commissioner in your DMs – there’s always someone watching.

Thanks for reading and hopefully you found something you didnt already know about, If I can help further drop me a message.